July 31, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Texas has been so hot lately and I wanted to do something for the dogs. A couple of weeks ago, we went to the Weatherford Peach Festival and the Banfield booth had a doggie goodie bag which included a recipe for frozen dog treats. I made a test batch and the dogs loved them so today I made another. The paper cup alternative is what I used and bread boy loves to bite it in the middle and swallow it up. Ro-Ro on the other hand likes to lick it for a while, let it melt and then crunch it in the middle and eat the pieces.

Peanut Butter Pupsicles

* 4 cups rice milk or vanilla yogurt
* 1 medium mashed banana or 1 6 oz jar of baby fruit
* 2 tbsp. honey
* 2 tbsp. smooth peanut butter, without salt

Mix ingredients well in a blender, then pour into 3 oz paper cups or ice cube trays. Do not use popsicle sticks of any kind! Freeze for four hours or more. When ready to serve, tear off the paper cup or pop out of tray and place pupsicles in a bowl.

Nutritional Information:
Protein: 17.74%
Fat: 19.88%
Carbohydrates: 62.38%

Calories for entire recipe (please create portions appropriately) 1302


July 30, 2011

The Beginning

Hi! I intend to share my quilting projects, helpful hints and just whatever else comes to mind. I have joined a Rainbow Charm Swap and am looking forward to deciding what project I will make with my charms.