July 6, 2014

Do you love Aurifil too?


I'll make this short and sweet. When I first began quilting, I kept hearing about Aurifil thread and really thought it was all marketing lingo. I mean really, it's just thread - can it be that much different?


Then I tried it.

This stuff is wonderful. You have less lint, it has never broken on me (strong and thin), there are over 200 colors and I like getting 1,422 yards on one spool!

So, what do you do when you love something - you share it with everyone!

It's not realistic to actually share (for free) this with you but I have a great deal. This is for folks who have never tried it and also for those who are VIP loyal ~ will not buy any other ~ "this is the greatest thread ever" folks too.

I am going to start selling it because I believe in it and I want everyone to experience this superior product!

Here are the details:

6 spools for $60 (plus shipping and tax)

Shipping will be $5.05 per order (US only) up to 12 spools in one Priority Mail (comes with tracking) envelope. Contact me for shipping charges for larger quantities. Tax only charged on orders delivered to TX residents.

You pick the colors you want, varigated too!

Only quantities of 6 are allowed, no singles.

This only applies to 50wt thread.

This offer will expire on July 13th at noon - Central Time.

The Catch: I don't have a website or etsy store yet so you will have to go search for Aurifil thread, 50 wt, to find out what colors are available.

If you want in:

1) Email me at [my blog name] dot gmail dot com or click the pink envelope under let's connect, with your color selections, your name and your US mailing address. I will email a confirmation back to you and send a paypal invoice to pay from.

2) If you haven't paid by midnight on July 13th, your order will not be placed.

Because of the "you pick the colors" option, I will be placing an order to accomodate individual color requests (as I don't have every color in stock) and it may be a week or two until you actually get it, but I consider this a small price to pay to select your own colors. I promise to turn around the orders around within 24 hours of receipt from my supplier.

If you have any questions - please do ask!