February 27, 2013

Freedom Pattern has been released!

Esther over at I Patch and Quilt has designed her first paper piecing pattern, called "Freedom" from her "Star Collection".  I had the honor of being accepted as a pattern tester for her earlier in the month so it has been under wraps for a short while but it is tested and ready to go! This pattern is available at Craftsy now.  I encourage you to go download it!

She is offering this pattern FREE and has more patterns in the works, due to be released soon!
One of this things Esther includes in her patterns are a few sketches of the pattern in different color schemes, as well as some blank templates that you can color in to see what colors you may like to create this in. For a peek at some of the test blocks - click over to Flickr.

Freedom is unfinished at 8.5", which is an 8" block finished, perfect for a tote, zip bag, mini or pillow.


February 22, 2013

February Guild BOM

The Modern Quilt Guild I belong to has a Block of the Month and in February we were asked to make this wonky pinwheels block created by Natalie at greenleafgoods.  If you like it, jump over the tutorial and stitch one up!

This is a wonderful block for scrap busting and once you cut out your neutral (or any color really) base squares, you do those scraps, press and sew! I do suggest you press opposite to the side for the rows though, you know....that nesting thing that sounds odd, but actually when you follow it - works! 

Hope you have a wonderful day today and if you are headed to Quiltcon, have fun - I'll see you soon!
I’m Going to QuiltCon

February 19, 2013

Madrona has crossed the finish line!

As many of you, who are Modern Quilt Guild members know, we recently had a challenge using Violet Craft's Madrona Road Fabric.  At my quild we got fat quarters and were to asked to make a quilt with them.

The pattern I used was out of a Quiltmaker magazine and I thought it would showcase the fabrics nicely.

Now usually, I send my quilts out to be quilted, but since the deadline to show this was fast approaching and frankly, can you call yourself a quilter if you don't quilt? (I have for a good long time, but I still ponder the question).  It was time to step up and just do it.  After all, my machine can handle it, I should be able to also.

The pebble quilting design is one I have always admired so I just went for it. In full disclosure, prior to this sudden motivation, I had drawn one inch lines in all the gray space as I thought straight lines would be easier. That thought was quickly abandoned after I stitched, just one, line.  I ripped it out and pebbled my little heart out. For any future pebbling, the one inch lines are worth the time, to create guidelines to quilt in between.  My machine has a BSR so I plugged it in and went to town.  First I was only going to do one corner, then two, then just one triangle section.  It was sucking me in!  I just kept going and going.  Then....my machine decided she needed some juice. Ugh, not now, just a few more areas.  No, she needed her juice now.  So I gave her some oil, per her request and you know what, she decided she wanted to do something else. The nerve!! I couldn't get the tension right to finish and I didn't just have a few eyelashes, I had full on bird's nests. So..... she got abandoned for the evening. The next morning I did some piecing and then came back later with the BSR to finish.  Humming right along now.  Big sigh of relief.

After the Madrona finish, the thread got swapped out and I moved on to the Skillbuilder blocks.

On a personal note: I found this post by Violet Craft very moving as she talks about designing this line and what it means to her.

February 18, 2013

Winner Winner!

Do you ever enter into giveaways? Me too! This one has a little story.

I was perusing my blog list and I was checking out Rita's latest low volume quilt with pink and she had a giveaway, hosted by Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  As I filled out my comment I thought, wouldn't it be ironic if I actually won.

I did.  Yeah!  So Fort Worth Fabric Studio, by way of Australia, mailed me this gorgeous fat quarter stack of Raspberry Mixers to Fort Worth.  Funny how it works out.  I am at a loss as what to make so please, if you have any ideas, tell me!!

Thanks to Red Pepper Quilts for offering the giveaway and Jodie and Fort Worth Fabric Studio for providing it - I appreciate it!

February 16, 2013

The First Two

What's this you say? My Skill Builder blocks, fondly known as Soundwave (top) and Magnum (bottom).
Confession time: I have never used safety pins to baste before. Gasp! I always use the 505 spray so this was new.  And...I have never free motion quilted before this month so all kinds of new beginnings for me.

Although I enjoy the look of dense quilting, I'm not sure that I like to do it.  You can see on the right side of the Magnum block I attempted to spread it out a little bit and made it bigger and it went just fine, right up until I turned the corner.  That's ok though, I am just learning and it doesn't bother me one bit. 

The Meander pattern looks so easy, you just move your needle around.  Yeah right. In my head, the mantra that got repeated over and over was "don't cross a line, don't run into stitches...don't cross a line, don't run into stitches".  It's funny to me now.  

This series is QAYG  - which stands for Quilt as you Go.  You quilt each block before you sew them together.  It's awesome! You see before I quilted these, I quilted my Madrona Road challenge quilt all in one night, using dense pebbles.  Groan! The result was fantastic but my fingers were sore.  After doing a bigger piece, these 15 x 15 blocks are like butter!  

I used the gloves and they were fabulous, but I am hoping to get a Supreme Slider at Quiltcon after I have the chance to actually test it touch, place fabric on it, etc...before I buy.  

Ok, back to the Skill Builder.  Have you heard of it? Are you participating? Jump right in if you haven't.  Alyssa has such complete lessons, tips, you tube tutorials and just great advice and she is providing this for free.  Hello? Super generous - please join us - the lessons are fabulous!!

February 14, 2013

Solids are Awesome!

You know how I feel about solids (and if you don't just re-read the post title), which is why I signed up to be an alternate for the USA group of the Simply Solids - a modern {bee}.

Well guess what - I got in! It is so exciting. The February inauguration block is for Erin who is also our most wonderful hostess.

She has been awesome so far! Not only did she open this up for international ladies (we have an Ireland/UK group, Canada and Australia) but she also got some prizes donated from wonderful sponsors. On top of that she also does a thread, each month, of what all of the groups (and we have 9 or 10 of them) are doing so we can, at a glance, see the variety. 

As a swap hostess myself, I know that takes time and I really appreciate it! So...my block for Ms. Erin has already been returned to her but I wanted to show it off  to you! In case you want to see what I made for March, check it out here!

Sew at Home Mummy: Simply Solids a modern {bee}

February 12, 2013

Lucky Stars - February

Hey Hey, Do you remember my color, I mean design scheme for this paper pieced series? If not, read about it here.
Following the theme for consistency, this is my February block.  I am really loving how these are turning out.

If you would like to join in on this paper pieced Lucky Stars block of the month, you can still sign up, just head on over to Elizabeth's for additional details!

February 10, 2013

Yet another BOM for 2013!

Just in case you got the idea I don't have too many obligations this year let me clear that up for you as I add another one to the list ~smile~. The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild has a Block of the Month all through the year and you get points for each block you make, by the deadline.  Then at the end of the year, if you make a quilt with all the blocks you get more points.  I am extremely competitive so there was no way that I could let this challenge pass me by.  These are my first two so I am two points closer to the prize!

February 9, 2013

Round 3 is Coming!

Do you remember the Modern She Made Swap?
The very talented Lori of Lori H Designs and I are getting ready for Round 3, so....if you have an active flickr photostream, love the modern aesthetic and want to swap with some pretty awesome talent, stalk this thread, where more details will emerge. We pick one shape per round and require that all items have this shape incorporated into it, somewhere in some way. Our first round was circles, the second round was triangles and this third round, is still up for grabs! I'm going to leave you with some of the goodies made in the first couple of rounds, just in case you need any more reasons to join us!

Modern She Made photo MSMr2.png
MSMS Received!
Modern She Made Swap- received
Oh yeah! I told you the ladies in here were fabulous - Hope you join us!

February 7, 2013

Supernova Complete

Have you ever done a Supernova Block? If a block looks, even a little bit difficult, I don't even attempt it.   But....one of my friends is in the same Mo' Stash bee with me and she was so kind to offer to make me a couple blocks when it's my month so I had to return the favor - even though I thought it was too complex.  Well, I was wrong, it wasn't hard and the tutorial was clear. It's just some squares and triangles (that is what  I tell myself to make it less intimidating). The best part, no postage charges - we live in the same city - bonus!

February 6, 2013

The Web of Beauty

Isn't she gorgeous? When I first saw this block, made in other colors, it was ugly to me. But my March hostess in the Simply Solids Bee is Lisa and her color choices were awesome! (and big Kudos for sending the fabric out super early)!

You know what else, she had precut all the fabric, precut the templates AND labeled each section with the color of fabric - talk about a breeze. Thank you Lisa! I was so excited to get started that I have already mailed it back, and it isn't even due until end end of March!

Quilting is so fun because as you see blocks come together in ways you had not visualized, it's like a flower opening up as it blossoms. That is how I would describe this block.  Check your mailbox Lisa - it's on the way!

February 4, 2013

Lucky Stars - January

Ok ok, I know I'm late since this is January and I am posting in February, but...that's how it goes.
 The final color scheme for this is going to be solids and polka dots.  It isn't really a color scheme, lets call it my design scheme - yeah that! So....I present to you, my January Lucky Stars Block!

Paper Piecing is such fun.  It amazes me how much I love it because the first time I did it was challenging! I think I watched 3 YouTube videos no less than 10 times each, I just couldn't get it, but now...I got it and I love it! 

Are you good at paper piecing? 

February 3, 2013

the QuiltCon Link Up


Are you going to QuiltCon? It is less than 20 days away - woo hoo!!

The Modern Quilt Guild has started a Link Up for attendees to get to know one another better.

You are asked to share a photo and 5 things you don't know about me so....

I love to play tennis
I own 19 pairs of Crocs
I have never colored my hair
As much as I talk smack about living in Texas, I really like it
Tetley, Earl Gray Vanilla is my current favorite tea flavor (and you can only get it in Canada)

February 2, 2013

The Early Bird gets the Worm!

and the worm in this case is the privilege to check this off my list and be the first person to get them in the mail for my swap hostess! Ok, I admit I like to get things done and be early.  One of my talents is reading extremely fast (like a John Grisham book in 3 hours) and in school it was such a rush to get through my tests and be one of the first, if not the first person to turn my test in.  These blocks are just like that!

And an extra awesome thing about these blocks are they are going to someone I know, in real life! I have always admired Deb's sense of style but then I met her at Sewing Summit and it's an honor to send her these blocks, that will be made into a quilt for her mother.

Check your mailbox Deb - here they come!