February 16, 2013

The First Two

What's this you say? My Skill Builder blocks, fondly known as Soundwave (top) and Magnum (bottom).
Confession time: I have never used safety pins to baste before. Gasp! I always use the 505 spray so this was new.  And...I have never free motion quilted before this month so all kinds of new beginnings for me.

Although I enjoy the look of dense quilting, I'm not sure that I like to do it.  You can see on the right side of the Magnum block I attempted to spread it out a little bit and made it bigger and it went just fine, right up until I turned the corner.  That's ok though, I am just learning and it doesn't bother me one bit. 

The Meander pattern looks so easy, you just move your needle around.  Yeah right. In my head, the mantra that got repeated over and over was "don't cross a line, don't run into stitches...don't cross a line, don't run into stitches".  It's funny to me now.  

This series is QAYG  - which stands for Quilt as you Go.  You quilt each block before you sew them together.  It's awesome! You see before I quilted these, I quilted my Madrona Road challenge quilt all in one night, using dense pebbles.  Groan! The result was fantastic but my fingers were sore.  After doing a bigger piece, these 15 x 15 blocks are like butter!  

I used the gloves and they were fabulous, but I am hoping to get a Supreme Slider at Quiltcon after I have the chance to actually test it touch, place fabric on it, etc...before I buy.  

Ok, back to the Skill Builder.  Have you heard of it? Are you participating? Jump right in if you haven't.  Alyssa has such complete lessons, tips, you tube tutorials and just great advice and she is providing this for free.  Hello? Super generous - please join us - the lessons are fabulous!!


  1. They look great! I haven't gotten around to quilting mine yet. :( Maybe this weekend!

    How did the safety pins work? I usually use both spray and safety pins, because I just don't totally trust the spray. :P But I think on these, since they're so little, I'm doing just spray. Were the pins a pain in the you-know-what with such dense quilting?

    I love your fabrics! You've inspired me to make basting these a priority this weekend. I just hate basting SO MUCH! Even these little guys. :)

  2. Your blocks are lovely - I still haven't got round to basting or FMQ'ing mine yet, oops! Popped over from the small blog meet :)

  3. Interesting that you just used pins! I started out using pins but now I use basting spray only. I have tried June Tailor, 505, and Dritz. I like June Tailor the best.

    Your skillbuilder blocks look great! I really like soundwave.

  4. I have never used spray basting, always pins how instersting... Your blocks look great and you did a great job with the free motion quilting. I still haven't tried it. Thank you for the tip about the Spreme Slider. I never heard of it before and now I'm very interested. Have fun at Quiltcon

  5. I have only used pins, since my very first quilt. Your free motion quilting looks great. Lots of people advise us to relax while doing it, but it does take some getting used to! Then again... So did learning how to walk...

  6. Looks so fantastic! I have my fabrics {finally} but now I must get thread :) yeah!


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