February 7, 2013

Supernova Complete

Have you ever done a Supernova Block? If a block looks, even a little bit difficult, I don't even attempt it.   But....one of my friends is in the same Mo' Stash bee with me and she was so kind to offer to make me a couple blocks when it's my month so I had to return the favor - even though I thought it was too complex.  Well, I was wrong, it wasn't hard and the tutorial was clear. It's just some squares and triangles (that is what  I tell myself to make it less intimidating). The best part, no postage charges - we live in the same city - bonus!


  1. That is one great looking block. A whole quilt of these blocks would be stunning!

  2. Your supernova turned out great. Choosing what fabric goes where is really a lot of fun with that block. Passing off in person for a swap is always a bonus - plus you get to see their face when they love it right?


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