July 25, 2013

Skillbuilder Blocks

Wow, does it seem like a long time since you have seen any of these? I was caught up (well almost caught up - still don't have the gumption to tackle the Diamond Carat or Chev N' Hex yet) for about a day and then the next ones came out - Ugh.

Honestly though, it sounds like I hate these, I really don't.  They are exasperating to me because I can't just whip through them, but it is wonderful to be exposed to different techniques, blocks and I love love love seeing how we all do the same block, but because of fabric and quilting choices, there are so many different looks.

I am currently an "I love the glue method" gal right now.  No really, the fabric doesn't shift and you don't have to use pins. Woo Hoo! And a double Woo Hoo!

Because the blocks come out in the middle of the month, I have been a bit confused by which blocks are supposed to be for which months, so....I'm going to catch up right now (thanks to my newly created chart).

January - The First Two -These are Sound Wave and Magnum
February - Mood and Em Dash
March - Woven Star

Woven Chevron

April - haven't even started
May - Geo Swirl


Shattered Chevrons

Broken Arrow - I have the strips ready to sew together so stay tuned for the reveal on that one.

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July 17, 2013

Husker Zip Pouch

Woo hoo!
I am super proud of my Husker Zip Pouch.  These get easier and easier to make and this one is special. Go Big Red! I have been trying some different duck cloth and the one I used for this pouch is heavier than I would have liked (and I bought 4 yards - eep!) but it's ok - that is how you learn and I will find a good use for it.

In fact, I think I am going to try my hand at a tote bag next, but I have SO many bags already that it would be beneficial to have someone in mind before I just make it to make it, not like that has stopped me before.....

If you know me and you want one of these for Christmas, let me know.....I'll do just about any fabric or school, except that one....{wink}.

This was one of the projects on my Q3 Finish Along List so I am happy to mark it complete!

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she can quilt

July 15, 2013

Summer Sampler Complete

I fully expected to have this finished within a couple days of the last pattern being released, but that didn't happen. The good news is it's done now!

It was the perfect project to use my pezzy print fabric and I love the result.  I haven't done any hand binding in a while and I was sad to have gotten this done so fast because I was really enjoying it.  I have a whole lot of binding coming up if I get through my Q3 Finish-A-Long list though so my time will come.

This project reminds me that I truly love the look of paper pieced blocks but samplers....not so much. I was happy to get some more practice on my free motion quilting. What I really need to train myself to do is to not quilt so dense.  Guess that means I need to keep practicing!

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July 13, 2013

Q3 Finish-A-Long

I missed out Quarter 1, but I got in on Q2 and it was wonderful motivation so I am going to enlist again, for Q3. Thanks to Leanne at shecanquilt for this series!

These are the things (that qualify) that I am challenging myself to complete for July, August and September.

Orb Quilt - blocks done (from my Mo-Stash bee mates), need to sew together and decide on placement.

Big 10 Quilt - most blocks done, need to sew together

Mondarin Quilt - blocks done, need to sew together and add purple sashing - I'm gonna love this one! These blocks have been patiently waiting for attention.  It was a Modern 99 bee that I was in last year - talk about old projects......

Churn Dash Quilt - half of the blocks complete, need to cut fabric and sew for the rest (I miscounted, good thing I don't write patterns).  The color scheme is pink, gray and aqua and this one is for no reason at all.  Just because I want to!

Summer Sampler - finish binding

Finish Make-up Bag for my sister
Husker Zip Pouch - over half way done

Whew, did you notice that almost every project is an entire quilt? And to top if off, I have 5 more quilts that I want to get done, but I can't put them on this list because they aren't started yet (well in my head they are...does that count?).
  • Low Volume
  • 2 M Quilts (can't say more, one visits here regularly)
  • Baby Allen
  • Canada/USA 

It's going to be busy - wish me luck!!

she can quilt

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July 11, 2013

Fabric Basket Swap 2013 - Received

fabric basket

What a surprise when I got the mail to find this lovely fabric basket! Melissa was my partner in the Fabric Basket Swap and it is perfect! I love oval elements and complimentary color schemes.  Many thanks Melissa for such a great basket :)

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July 9, 2013

For the Newborns

We have a couple of gals in our quilt guild who are expecting. One already gave birth to a precious little boy.  I am thrilled to have completed a 6x6 block for the quilts for both of them.

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July 1, 2013

Q2 Finish-A-Long Check In {Progress}

Now is the time to review the tasks from the Quarter 2 Finish-A-Long, hosted by Leanne at she can quilt
Here is what I wanted to get accomplished:

she can quilt

Male Charity Quilt (click on these links to see the original post with more details)

Make Female Charity Quilt (actually I made two)

Fix NuBee's "Color" Quilt

Finish Mondarin Quilt - I just didn't get to this one.

Fabric Basket Swap
0513 - FABRIC BASKET SWAP - sent

Finish up Modern She Made

5 out of 6 isn't bad, I can live with that! How did you do on your projects in 2nd Quarter?