May 30, 2013

Fabric Basket Finish

If she loves this I will be so happy. My secret partner, who likes to knit and has only a couple of quilting pictures in her photostream has been pretty silent this round. Some of the questions asked were with or without handles?, what will you use it for?, what size are you interested in? but no replies from her. This frustrates me because I really want to make something that she will love. She mentioned low volume, bright colors or warm sunshine like colors. I picked the sunshine palette and decided on reds, oranges, and yellows.

There was also a thread on goodies, as we are supposed to fill the basket with extra fun items, and silence. I did notice a dog in her photostream (which is the only place I could look, as she did not list a blog) so I'm going to add dog biscuits and send it off.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that she likes it!

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  1. If she doesn't, I will! Dog biscuits and all (do have 3 dogs though). Being a knitter and quilter, this would be a wonderful gift. It could be used for anything from holding a small knitting project, like socks, or tools you use for sewing. Even fabric and thread scraps could go in there to keep everything tidy.

  2. Lovely choices, very sunny (and fruit salady - would go great with my quilt!) I like the gray bottom as a contrast too. Swapping is so much more fun when your partner is chatty but I'm sure she'll be really happy. Hope your partner hits the mark for you.

  3. The wait is on, but I am sure she will love it. I have always threatened to make some of these! Are they hard? Your patchwork is is really fun. They are sunshine for sure.

  4. That is awesome, if it was me and you sent something to my pups, I would be your friend furever!!

  5. Cute basket! I have never made a fabric basket, but they sure are cute. Hope she likes it:)
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  6. I didn't know I needed a fabric basket until the last 2 days. I will have to make myself one!


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