May 28, 2013

Girl Charity Quilt #2

This is the original charity quilt that I had planned.  One male quilt and one female quilt but then I had some scraps left over from this one so I made another one.  Yeah for charity!!

I realize that the gray square kind of disappeared once the binding was on, but that is a good lesson to me to "audition" binding.  I actually thought the idea for yellow was great because it would make it pop.  Popped so loud it popped the gray right out of the composition.  Live and learn.


  1. Another great finish, congrats - I like the subtle gray and think the binding pop is fun.

  2. Looks great! Live and learn, right? I think we all have quilts that we wish we could redo some element of it. That's what makes us better quilters.

  3. Looks beautiful! I love the pop of color the binding gives. I think it is perfect for this quilt. So lovely!


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