May 26, 2013

Girl Charity Quilt - Check!

I am getting things done and it feels great!

One of my Quarter 2 Finish-A-Long goals was to complete a female charity quilt for the YWCA in my town.  It is small (by quilt standards) as it measures 24" x 36" but that is the perfect size for a nap mat for the children.  The only reason I think this should be a female one is because of the pink, but it really doesn't matter as long as it gets used (which I know it will).

As I do more and more of my own quilting, I wanted to try out random lines.  At first I just started sewing but that wasn't going to end up very nice so I got out my 24" ruler and started making random lines with the Frixion pen.  These are actually kind of fun (and don't take as long as some other quilting I have tried).  Per the requirements the binding had to be sewn via machine, but it is becoming easier the more I do it.  For this quilt I sewed the 2 1/4" binding on the back and then just barely caught the seam on the front to secure it.  

After I wash it, it will be ready to donate!

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  1. A pretty finish - the colors remind me of my Fruit Salad quilt - that did NOT get done! Great job on pulling off donations for such a great cause.

  2. Love how the quilting turned out!

  3. It's great! Love the random lines! I like the solid strips on the top and bottom only. What a neat idea!


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