May 10, 2013

Quilter's Favorites - Share Yours!

Geta over at Geta's Quilting Studio is hosting Quilter's Favorites for the next few days. This will be a series with input from quilters of all levels.  We have been given a few questions to answer in hopes of sharing our knowledge with other folks.  Please feel free to go check out the questions and post your answers so we can learn from you too!

List three of your favorite quilting notions:
Rotary cutter, magnetic pin cushion and my clover clips

My thoughts about thread and needles, batting, fabrics:
Try out a bunch of different ones and get what you like. As for needles, I really like the Clover #24 ones with gold eyes.  The eyes are big so they are easy to thread and the length is easy to work with. One notion that I have found invaluable is Thread Heaven.  This is a little box of wax and you coat your thread before stitching with it.  When I hand bind this is a lifesaver.  I know you are supposed to cut your thread about 18" but I like to cut it longer and it usually tangles. With this product, it doesn't. I have purchased it at Jo-Ann's, but have not seen it at Hobby Lobby.  I know also carries it in case you are looking for it.

Update: 6/1/13 - I saw it at Hobby Lobby but it was in the Bead aisle, not the sewing aisle and it's the cheapest price at Hobby Lobby (in my area)

Could you share some tips for easy piecing?
For me, the best time to do this is in the morning and the biggest tip to easy piecing is accurate cutting. This means no cutting at night (when I am tired).  So...that is a lot of words to say "find YOUR rhythm" and stick with it.

Do you have any tutorials on your blog to share?
As a matter of fact, I have some cute and easy placemats with easy directions.  I would love for you to see anything you create with this tutorial so please, share your finished projects!

What are your thoughts about modern quilting tools?
The AccuQuilt Go Cutter is a wonderful time saver! I have one of these and I don't use it enough but I did recently acquire a new 2 1/2" square die to cut up my scraps for a future project.  The reason I like this tool is because the cuts are perfect every time, which leads to accurate piecing and easier matching.

What book would you recommend to someone who has just started quilting?
The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman is a wonderful compilation of many aspects of quilting.  Beginner tips, fabric tips, and simple instructions and explanation of tasks/concepts that aren't always simple, when you are brand new to the quilting world.

Share one of your favorite quilts and tell us why it is your favorite.

This was my first finished quilt so it is special to me because of that.  I love when Christmas comes around so that I have a reason to get it out and snuggle up in it.

Lastly, I am sharing just a couple of tips that have helped me out.
One - used blades go in one container, marked used to make sure I don't mix up new and used.

Two - old needles (but not old enough to get rid of, but are great for paper piecing) get marked with Sharpie marker.  When I begin a paper piecing project, I know just which needle to use (to avoid dulling a new one).

Thanks for stopping by and a Big Thank You to Geta for organizing this!

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  1. Great tips.


  2. Thank you for linking to my party and sharing your favorites.

  3. What great info and tips to share and you do so many of the things that I do too - old and new rotary cutter blade packs, I keep used and new needles separately too and different pins in different pin cushions but my most used pins are on my magnetic holder which is exactly the same as yours. Love your first finished quilt - what a shame to only bring it out at Christmas!!! :)

  4. Great tips! I particularly liked your idea about using older needles marked with Sharpie for paper piecing!!!

  5. Great tip for marking the needles! Thank you

  6. Thanks for sharing your tips. I work in the morning too for the best result.

  7. Wonderful tips...I will look for the Thread Heaven product...I cut my threads too long, too! LOL
    I'm hoping to do one of your round mug rugs very soon, and will post about it!


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