December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

You know, it seems to be "the way it is done" for folks to do a big collage of projects they have completed over the year and I hate to follow into what "everyone else" does, but it is such a great idea so I am going to jump on the bandwagon! Here are just a few.

The New Wave Quilt turned out really awesome. Two hexie projects, which would have never entered my radar had it not been for the swaps and bees. A couple of Modern 99 blocks, which is a bee I started and really enjoyed. The Ninjagoo pillowcase, my first commissioned project along with my favorite block (the yellow, pink and green one) and last but not least, the Modern She Made Pillow.  Once again, this was created as I was in a swap (and co-hosted it too) that required me to do something new.

2012 was a wonderful year of challenges and I look forward to many more. 

I wish you and your family and loved ones a healthy, happy new year!


December 30, 2012

Find My Fabric - Y or N?

Have you ever really needed just a yard or so of a fabric that your local store does not have in stock or has sold out of? This is the perfect situation where the Internet is your friend!

Enter Find My
It was exciting to learn of this website (which is still in beta stage) so let me get right down to business on what I went searching for!

My first impression of the site was a pang of traditionalism. Upon entering the search page there is a very pretty blue and yellow quilt with blocks that spell out the word quilts.  As a modern quilter I would have liked to see it with more of a fresh aesthetic but that's just me.

The first search was "yellow pearl bracelets", with one result, a store in Bellingham, WA. I wanted to see how much shipping was but after two clicks, I still did not see it so I just abandoned this search.

The next search was "flea market fancy", and knowing this would have a lot of results I was hoping for better luck. The search returned with 135 results. I clicked on a couple of them and went straight to two sites that appeared to have a credible online presence.  What I mean by that is I have browsed at or heard of these stores before today, so they were familiar to me and I would order from them. The shipping wasn't clear on either of those and it wasn't of interest to me to act like I was going to place an order, just to see the shipping cost, not to mention the "create an account" part of that whole scenario.

The next search was for "remix ovals", which returned nothing.  This was sad as this is a pretty new line and to have no results was a disappointment.

The last search, which I was confident would be great, was for "kona". There was a whopping 2,066 results.  So...I went to narrow the search by price point (as I don't care to pay over $6/yard) for any Kona I buy and it didn't work. :(  I got an error message that said {Sorry, no results for Kona. You can try the search without price filters or go back}. I tried this 3 different times in case it was just me.  It wasn't just me - I was able to duplicate the error message both subsequent times.

I wanted to check out this website a little bit more so I started clicking around, next > to the blog.  The last post was May 2, 2012 (and I did all of this on December 29, 2012). An online presence must be updated frequently for credibility and this one wasn't.

Overall, I think the idea is great, but I was under the impression (which was all in my own mind) that webcrawlers were going out there scouring for all the fabric (similar to a google search) but actually, fabric shops who want to sell must sign up for an account and link their online inventory to this site.  My question is, why would I go to this site, if a google search can find the same results (or more)?

Not wanting to be "Debbie Downer" there was one more thing to try! Upload a picture of the fabric you are looking for to find a match, so I did....and got an error message which suggested I try again later.

It was at this point that I had to throw up my hands and admire the idea but question the execution.  So it is a  no for me.  I don't recommend this site to you at this time, with the current coding.  Let me be clear, that makes me sound like I know a lot about how a website works, I don't.  If Find My Fabric could somehow do the google search behind the scenes and produce a result of price per yard and shipping, then perhaps I would revisit them but currently, it is not valuable to me as a fabric buyer.

December 27, 2012

A Year of Stars

Elizabeth, over at Don't Call me Betsy, has a Foundation Paper Piecing Block of the Month for 2013.
She has a special going on until January 5th and then the price goes up so go check it out now for the bargain. This will be a fun way to start the new year!

December 21, 2012

100 Day Hustle - Update

So all in all I did most of the list, but not all of it and that's ok with me!

Tonight is my Modern Quilt Guild meeting where we are having a pin cushion swap, elections for next year and all kinds of fun.  If I have any energy left when I get home, then I will sew the binding on my Rainbow quilt (of course I have to sew it together first) so I can whip it up on the car ride home for the holidays.  One of my friends tells me that I am a super fast binder, so I might be able to check one more thing off this list before December 31st.

  • Bind New Wave Quilt done 10/21 see finished quilt here
  • Bind Rainbow Quilt
  • Finish Dresden Top
  • Finish Chopsticks
  • Modern She Made, Round 2 done, view here
  • Modernista Swap done 10/28
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - October done 10/3
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - November  done, forget when
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - December -deleted, we are off this month - yeah!
  • Modern 99 Block - October  done 10/2
  • Modern 99 Block - November done 10/20
  • Modern 99 Block - December done 12/1, see collage here
  • Cut Charm Squares for Sewing Summit Charm Swap  done 10/10
  • Cut 10" Squares for Black/White Swap  done 9/27
  • Prepare Fabric and Pattern for Lounge Pant class done 9/28
  • Quilt for Christmas for surprise recipient (not this year)
  • Make at least one project with a zipper (still scared, I must attempt this!!)
  • Cut out Plus Quilt (this whole project has changed to HST progress)
  • Boat Block - nope
  • Start (and finish) Big 10 Quilt started 10/20

December 7, 2012

A Year of Modern

These are the blocks we made in my Modern 99 Bee this year - aren't they pretty? We used the book compiled by Susanne Woods for our inspiration.  Each person sent us the page number and some fabric to create for them.  We had great variety and I must admit, some of the blocks were skill builders for me.

Although this was great fun, I am happy to be done with this bee so I can work on more quilts and less blocks.

Congratulations to everyone who completed these blocks and I'll be selecting (via random generator) the winner of the fabric prize on January 1st!

December 1, 2012

Modern She Made - Round 2

It was a success!

Lori and I host the Modern She Made Swap and this round is just finishing up. There are dozens of talented projects by so many wonderful ladies.  Pop on over and take a peek - lots of talent!

You are to make your partner a project of your choice, but following her guidelines (based on her taste, her colors and a few ideas) but this round it must also include a triangle.

 My partner this round was Tiffany of The Crafty Fox fame. Little did she know, I was stalking her back in October.  You see, she became one of my "I've met her in real life and she's awesome" friends from the blogging universe when I met her at Sewing Summit.  We had a couple meals and classes together so I was noticing her style and her likes and dislikes.

So....this pillow was made just for her, using a mutual friend's pattern. You know Diane right? She's the super talented pattern designer.  I used her Scrap Attack pattern but took out the outside and stitched it right up for Tiffany.

It was my first pillow ever and I would like to make more pillows. I would have never considered a pillow, since I have never made one, but she put that pillows were her #1 choice so it made me venture out and try it.  That is one of the wonderful things about bees and swaps - stepping out of your comfort zone.

And just to keep it real, this is a 14 x 14 pillow cover, but I had bought a 20 x 20 pillow form, which didn't quite work, so....this pillow is stuffed with bath towels and socks - so know with a real pillow form, it will stand up a little bit taller and straighter.

November 30, 2012

The Kona bricks have arrived!

Hi! Have you ever experienced a situation where you sign up for something as an impulse and then wonder what the heck you did that for? Well, that happened to me.  It was that 4 letter word K-O-N-A!

Kona cottons are my favorite! I love the colors, the color names and of course the fabric. But you know what, I am not a neutral person (literally and figuratively). I am bright and bold, but...since it was a Kona swap, I joined, in like 5 seconds - sign me up!

I'm not disappointed though.  I got a whole bunch of neutral Kona bricks (5" x 10") to use however I would like.  I have no idea at this point, but it'll come to me. Maybe it will take a year or two, but it will come to me. One idea floating around is a low volume type of project.

If you had these neutrals, what project would you use them in?

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi y'all!

I have been busy busy busy but wanted to make sure and let you know that I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I will post soon to let you know what I have been up to lately.

Enjoy the holiday and don't eat too much! (wink wink)

November 10, 2012

50 Days Down, 50 Days Left

Do you know what today is? It's halfway through my 100 Day Hustle.  Back in September Kelly over at Kelsey Sews created a link up to help and motivate us to get everything on our lists completed by the end of the year.  So far my progress is great.  I am not quite half way through yet, but I am doing pretty well. It is still too early to tell if I will get everything done, but I'm going to keep trying!

  • Bind New Wave Quilt done 10/21 see finished quilt here
  • Bind Rainbow Quilt
  • Finish Dresden Top
  • Finish Chopsticks
  • Modern She Made, Round 2
  • Modernista Swap done 10/28
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - October done 10/3
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - November
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - December
  • Modern 99 Block - October  done 10/2
  • Modern 99 Block - November done 10/20
  • Modern 99 Block - December
  • Cut Charm Squares for Sewing Summit Charm Swap  done 10/10
  • Cut 10" Squares for Black/White Swap  done 9/27
  • Prepare Fabric and Pattern for Lounge Pant class done 9/28
  • Quilt for Christmas for surprise recipient
  • Make at least one project with a zipper 
  • Cut out Plus Quilt
  • Boat Block 
  • Start (and finish) Big 10 Quilt started 10/20
and other projects not included in original list are:
  • buy, cut and mail fabric for Kona neutral swap  ~ done 10/22
  • Holiday mug rug swap  - mail by Dec 9(in the works)

November 5, 2012

Modern 99 - 11 down...1 to go!

Aaahh, the sweet "almost" end to a bee.  Last year I was hot and heavy into joining bee after bee and swap after swap.  I have enjoyed every one of them, but I came to realize that it is more fun to work on my stuff so as the end of year draws closer, and my bee obligations thin out, I'm getting excited!

This particular bee is to pick a block out of the Modern 99 book, send fabric to the members and end up with 12 blocks.

In November our hostess selected the "Everything Equal" block with some Cuzco by Kate Spain.  You know, on a side note, I really like her fabric designs. Ok, so back to the block.  The background fabric is denim, which I had never worked with but it really coordinates beautifully with this fabric line. The block construction was easy but it will be interesting to see the finished quilt and how she arranges the blocks in final placement.

Enjoy your day!!

October 31, 2012

Well that didn't work out very well

I hate to publish this, for all to see, is what it is.

For my Modern 99 Bee a few months ago, we were asked to make this block.  It is paper piecing, which I really do like! But....I guess somewhere in the trim phase, I didn't trim right or too much to one side? I am not sure, but when I put them together (for the second time) this is what I ended up with. You can't see all the points and when it gets sewn again they will further deteriorate. The first time I had sewn the diamonds together, but that really does not help with three rows of three blocks, so the seam ripper has met each of the blocks (well except for the white one).

It is disappointing to send this block back because I am not proud of it, but practice makes perfect and  I hope that I can do better next time.  It isn't fair to only show the good stuff, so that I why I am showing you this one.  I, of course, wrote an apology note with the returned block.  Let this be a lesson to always start super early in new techniques/new patterns so if I am lacking I can order new fabric and start fresh.

October 29, 2012


The Modernista Homemade swap is modeled after many other swaps where you are assigned a secret partner.  You must make a mosaic and write out some guidelines for your partner regarding your likes, loves and dislikes so that she can make you something fabulous.  My partner who will remain nameless as she has not yet posted that she received her goodie box, will receive this apron and potholder that I made for her.

This is my first apron ever and she requested natural fabrics (linen, brown, tan, green, orange, red) which is absolutely not my bright, loud, saturated usual palate.  Let the challenge begin.  I used Essex Linen in sand for the front, Kona tan for the lining and the Flirty Apron tutorial I used came from Kristen.
It was a lot easier than I thought although the ruffles were scary until I actual did them.  I think I may make more of these....maybe.

My partner Kristya from {cottonaddiction} really spoiled me with not only a Kitchen-Aid mixer cover (which I really really really wanted) but also a potholder and 6 placemats.  She hit it out of the park and I am so appreciative of such a wonderful partner! Many thanks Kristya!!

I'm not sure what the next room in the house will be for the Modernista Swap, but rest assured, I am interested to find out and participate in future rounds.

October 27, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival :: Fall 2012

Hi y'all!

A big happy hello and welcome for those of you visiting from the Blogger's Quilt Festival!

In the proper spirit of the Festival - here are some additional details about my New Wave Quilt which I present for the first time ever.

Measurements: 56" x  51"
Quilted by: Kathy Olson of Treasured Threads
Pattern: New Wave by Elizabeth Hartman
Best Categories: Throw Quilt, Professionally Quilted Quilt

When I first started purchasing fabric to make "something" I was not confident in my fabric selection so I was a big fan of the fat quarter bundles.  Honestly I'm not sure how this one made it into my shopping cart because I do NOT like green.  Anyway, I bought it and placed it in the "I'll make this into something someday" pile.  This pile is otherwise known as "something will jump out and say "make me" and this fabric will come dancing along behind it"  And then....when I get to working on some projects, I get tired of them and just need a break so no matter what I am working on, I stop.  Then I peruse my craft room and my patterns and jump into a new project, that isn't on the list.  Does that happen to you?

So one day....I just started cutting into this, just to do something else.  The original bundle of fabrics had a light green and a whimsical print, that I was not so fond of, so I posted and asked my blog readers for some input and thanks to them, made a couple of substitutions. The idea that just a dozen fat quarters can be cut and made into something so neat makes me really love this pattern.

I stitched this up for a fun throw with no other purpose then to cuddle up - so on that front - mission accomplished!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the many many other entries in the Blogger's Quilt Festival and many thanks to Amy and the wonderful sponsors for this event!

Amy's Creative Side

October 23, 2012

My Sewing Summit Reflections

Wow! Just wow.

Last year as I was perusing blogland I started to hear about Sewing Summit.  Mmmm, what was that all about?  It sounded interesting but how did I miss it? Not to let it go by again, I marked the registration date on my calendar in April and I was ready, even so fortunate that I got $50 off for being one of the first 50 to register for the 2012 Sewing Summit.

Since registration, I became more active in my local quilt guild and met another girl who was going to attend also so it was really nice to have a buddy and not have to attend alone.  Of course I would have, but knowing someone just made it better.

So, Sewing Summit was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, a city that I had never visited.  Let me tell you, it is really beautiful and I plan to go back with Mr. Maxtin and explore some more.

The famous Diane and the super sweet January were my awesome roommates.  We have lots of memories, the first one that pops into my head is Saturday night {and it was somewhere around 2 a.m. at this point} we were getting ready to go to sleep as we all had early morning flights on Sunday, but we couldn't stop laughing.  The "my stomach hurts from laughing so hard" laughs.  I believe we were delirious from the lack of sleep all weekend but we just could not stop.  It was contagious.

Upon check in we received a fabulous swag bag including wonderful goodies from so many wonderful sponsors. Later that evening Craftsty sponsored a Welcome Mixer and Friday brought a whole day of fabulous classes.

First up was Handmade Wardrobe, then Creative Fabric selection (one my my favorite classes), Lounge Pants and then Idea Pouch.  All of the instructors were well prepared, had great knowledge and the classes were fun.
Tiffany and January  - Creative Fabric Selection Classmates

Friday evening brought us out to a wonderful Salt Lake City Modern Quilt Guild Mixer.

Saturday brought 4 more classes including Serger Pillowcase, Foundation Paper Piecing, Metal Frame Pouch and Perfect Pockets.  Perfect Pockets was a bit intimidating for me as I am strictly a quilter but this class had me sewing up a welt pocket, which was awesome!

Becky and Liz - Serger Pillowcase Classmates

There were more mini "unofficial" and spur of the moment classes too.  Embroidery, Instagram 101, and how  to sew a zipper were just a few of the wonderful things I learned thanks to some generous folks.

All in all, I thought going into this that it was all about the classes and skills I would learn. Wrong.  It was about the relationships you start, nurture or develop.  Funny story -> sometimes you don't know that you know someone...and then it hits you that you do.  I was spending a lot of time with a gal who didn't realize until the day before we left who I was and when she did, I saw the light bulb go off.   She said "I know who you are, you're happyvanillabean on flickr!" There were many moments like that.

Lisa and Me

By the end of the weekend, we were having so much fun and nobody wanted to leave.  We made memories, connections and most importantly, friends.  It was wonderful!

October 15, 2012

Sewing Summit 2012

Oh what fun it was. Sewing Summit 2012 was a blast and I met so many wonderful ladies.
This is my favorite picture as most of the girls I bonded with are in it. Of course I have been catching up on my sleep (because at sewing summit, you do not sleep - you laugh and say "I'm going to go to my room now" and 2 hours later you are standing or sitting in the same spot because you don't want to miss anything). It was lovely but going to bed past midnight [every night] makes you a tad bit tired. I have many more moments and experiences to share with you about sewing summit but just want to get this posted.

From left to right:
Deb, me, Kate, January, Diane, Caitlin, Tiffany and Whitney

October 7, 2012

Let's Talk Pressing

So, are you a press open or a press to the side gal? Do you always press the same way or does it depend on what you are working on? How do you decide?

You see, I started as a press to the side girl, then, I transitioned to press open and now, after this block I think I am back to press to the side.  When you nestle the seams together after pressing to the side, it's just so clean!

Plus, do you press the fabric right as it comes out of the sewing machine (before you press open or to the side)? I read somewhere that this sets your stitches. So for me....that would mean 3 presses for each seam. Why 3 you ask? Well I press the back side first, then flip it over to the front and if I did the "set the stitches method", that would be 3 - No thank you!

And another question for you? Do you really "press" or do you iron? I try really hard to just press, but I must admit, I enjoy running my iron from one side to the next so I press, but I also iron too, it's fun! I know I know, it stretches the fabric but I can live with that just a little tiny bit.

So...the whole reason for this post is a block I made for Liz for a Quilt of Valor Quilt that she is planning to make. She requested the Charming Squares pattern from the Moda Bake Shop so I followed the directions exactly and it had all kinds of pressing instructions, but you know what.....the end result was so nice and clean and NOT bulky.

It has made me re-examine this "always press open" mindset.

Tell me, which way do you press and why?

October 5, 2012

Mod Mosaic for October

As you know I am in a bee using the Mod Mosaic pattern this year.  For October, our hostess said blue, blue-green or violet fabrics and to please use coal sashing.  Well anything with green is out, since I don't like it and purple is in because I love purple!

So, here are the blocks I finished up recently to send off to her.  I am surely plugging along on my 100 Day Hustle list and this is one more task to check off as complete!

September 29, 2012

Another Fun List

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, I love lists! I do! The sense of accomplishment you get when you check it off is good for me.  To take it a step further, if something is completed and it isn't on the list, yes-I-sure-will add it so I can check it off.

So in the spirit of lists, when I was reading Heidi's on Fabric Mutt the other day, it was impossible to not join in. This originated over at Shannon's blog, and it's a lot of fun to go read the answers of other participants. 

Wee Wovens photo from greenfairyquilts

*i'm longing to make "my Big Ten quilt" right now.

* i want to try "making a recipe" with some "real vanilla beans"

* i wish i could sew with "voile" fabric.

* i dream of making "a bohemian style tunic for myself".

* i keep track of my ideas by "writing them on a post-it, pinning them to pinterest or taking a picture with my phone".

* i'm inspired by "bright colorful anything".

* i would love to meet "all of you" in person.

* my favorite fiber is "cotton".

* i like to sew with "the television on and a glass of vanilla tea with crushed ice".

* my favorite color is "purple".

* i rock at "hand sewn bindings".

* i would like to learn how to make "anything with a zipper".

* i like to listen to "the television" while i "sew".

* i bring my "lip balm, hand sanitizer and mints" everywhere.

* my favorite thing to "sew" is "blocks".

* my crafting space is "in real need of de-stashing".

* if i had my own crafting room it would be "I do and it’s full of fabric and scrapbooking supplies".

* i sew with "a Bernina".

* i like to "purchase and consider the right project" with "new fabric lines".

* i can never get enough "Nebraska fabric".

* i adore "making quilts".

* i like to fill my shelves with "fabric and books".

* i create the best when i'm "working by myself".

* i am currently excited for "Wee Wovens".

* right now i am "deciding what to make for my Modernista and Modern She Made partners".

* i love to watch "Law and Order, Criminal Minds, college football, the Good Wife" while creating.

* my guilty pleasure when it comes to creating is "spread all the fabric on the floor and stare at it for a couple of days until I decide what I like".

* my current favorite music crush to listen to while creating is "Jason Aldean".

September 25, 2012

Get Ready, Get Set 100 Day Hustle - GO!

click here to visit

Kelsey over at Kelsey Sews has a wonderful challenge going on for those for us who need a bit of motivation. And since I have been traveling and not up on my blog reading, I have already lost 2 days and only have 98 - better get on it!

The gist of it this is to to finish 2012 strong with some great finishes. So....having said that, here are all things that I would love to accomplish before the end of the year, in no particular order

  • Bind New Wave Quilt
  • Bind Rainbow Quilt
  • Finish Dresden Top
  • Finish Chopsticks
  • Modern She Made, Round 2
  • Modernista Swap
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - October
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - November
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - December
  • Modern 99 Block - October
  • Modern 99 Block - November
  • Modern 99 Block - December
  • Cut Charm Squares for Sewing Summit Charm Swap
  • Cut 10" Squares for Black/White Swap
  • Prepare Fabric and Pattern for Lounge Pant class
  • Quilt for Christmas for surprise recipient
  • Make at least one project with a zipper
  • Cut out Plus Quilt
  • Boat Block
  • Start (and finish) Big 10 Quilt

September 21, 2012

Modern She Made - Round 2

Modern She Made
If you are in the Modern She Made Swap - here is a button for you - enjoy!!

September 20, 2012

Coming Soon!

Lounge Pants Class - Here I come!

Isn't it funny how a piece of fabric can excite us? Well this one does it for me!
Typically I am only a quilt maker and a sew a button back on a pair of pants gal, of the classes I got registered for at Sewing Summit is Lounge Pants. I can't wait! It's so exciting!! Now it seems you cut them out, throw some elastic in the waist band, hem them up and zippa de doo da - you're done. idea about any of that, hence my need to get some instruction! Speaking of needing instruction,  I did not get into the Zippers 101 class. Who knew? I figured all these wonderful, accomplished, sewing for years attendees wouldn't want a thing to do with it and I would get into it no problem.  Nope. It's ok, I'll teach myself or tackle the teacher for a mini lesson, no biggie.

But.....back to the Lounge pants - I'm going to use this fabric and I'm so excited!! What helps is that football season started and I love my team, love fall weather (which I miss living in Texas) and love putting up my red "N" flag every Saturday that we play.

If these turn out, I might be making a lot of them for Christmas presents, or just a lot of pairs for Mr. Maxtin and myself.


September 12, 2012

Another Finish

So co-worker A was going to have a baby and co-worker C and I sew, so we thought we would whip something up for her with coordinating fabric.  Yeah, not so fast.

First off, she had a pattern. You know the kind, Simplicity with printed tissue paper and everything. I'm sure these are valuable and helpful however, this is not the type of pattern I am used to. Since I only quilt, the format of choice is cut [qty here] of [dimensions here]. The paragraph style directions didn't work for me and so I started with it, but then had to chuck it and just go with my gut.

You see, co-worker C and I got coordinating fabric and she made a comforter and baby bumpers (apparently, those are not "acceptable" anymore - but I didn't know that so no flames on this please) and I made a changing blanket.  It was supposed to be a bit smaller, but hey, a little extra room isn't a bad thing.

I finished it (after the baby was born - whoops) but it has now been packaged, labeled and given to Ellie's mom.

Although it is "officially" a changing blanket, it also fits into mini-quilt too!

And the sun was not cooperating with me when I snapped the photo - sorry!

September 9, 2012

Modern She Made - Round 2

It's back, it's fun and it's almost that time again!
Modern She Made
Lori of Lori H Designs and I had so much fun last time, that we are getting ready to do it again. As you can see by the button, this time, it's all about triangles!

When you join you will get a super secret partner - you stalk her: figure out what she likes, read her tweets, read her blog, look at her pinterest, look at her favorites and make something for her that makes her oh so happy and just happens to have a triangle (or two) in it or on it or in the shape of it.

Can you tell I'm excited?

Breathe...... Ok, so (pause for effect) sign-ups will be open very soon but sign up quick because they will close at 75! And if, by chance, you still aren't convinced that you just absolutely have to sign up for the Modern She Made Swap, here are some posts from Round 1 to help you along.

September 7, 2012

Modern 99

For our Modern 99 Bee this month, our hostess, Shawn, asked us to make a little girl.  She has no preference on the color but is going to make some adorable quilts for her nieces for Christmas. This will be a quilt made with love and on the whimsical side! She provided a tutorial from Sarah and if you look at it you will see I used the same colors.  You know why - because I loved them! Sometimes I find that I am not so creative but I follow directions beautifully. This was a fun block to make because it isn't so exact, just sew and go! It's on the way to you Shawn!

September 5, 2012

Card Trick

Hi and happy day to you! I recently purchased the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop and thought I would try out this block, Card Trick, by Katy Jones.

Typically, I do not care for HST (half square triangles) but I really liked the block so I thought, what the hey - I'll try it.

First of all, I think this fabric is hideous! It was in my giveaway pile.  I really have no idea why I bought it, as it isn't my style.  But onto the block.  I thought it turned out pretty bad, but actually now that I am seeing it in the daylight (finished it last night) it isn't so bad.  Cutting and sewing all the triangles isn't so exciting for me, but the finished product is good.  I doubt that I would make a whole quilt of these, but never say never.

My mind is talking to me, because as I write this post and stare at the block, I think this block in solids would be really striking and you know what, I just ordered a boatload of Kona solids.  I had to! They were on sale AND there are new colors I don't have - that can't be......(yeah, I come up with some crazy rationalizations to buy more fabric, but I know I am not alone).

September 4, 2012

My turn for Mod Mosaic!

It is finally my turn for Mod Mosaic! I thought it would be easy to decide what I wanted, but it was not.  I really loved Shelley's Black and White selection but didn't want to copy her.

My request to my bee members is blue, purple and pink with white sashing. I'll be happy to share the blocks with you as they come in.

My plan for these blocks is to use them, not as straight blocks, but perhaps as accent blocks. I am envisioning the Kitchen Windows quilt by Elizabeth Hartman, but perhaps a bit more random. I think using a solid and then adding these in, will make it will pop.  What do you think?

September 2, 2012

Scrappy Mug Rug : for Summer

Here is my scrappy mug rug for my partner, in......Australia! She indicated that she likes bright colors so this is what I came up with for her. I have not heard back on if it has arrived yet, or if she likes am waiting waiting waiting but I think it is happy and definitely summery!

And you know, I always get mad at myself for signing up for these mug rug swaps, on top of everything else but I always like the way they come out.  Plus it gives me a chance to work on my binding.  I love to hand stitch the binding but getting the special cut, sew, slant so you can't tell where the connecting edge is.....yeah, still working on perfecting that.

I do have the binding tool from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, but this was to little for me to use it on so I had to just dig in there and figure it out.  It only took me 4 trys.  Maybe next time it will be 3 (or less).  A girl can hope right?

August 30, 2012

Austin - I'm in!

If you are a die hard quilter, you know that today was the first day of registration for QuiltCon.
 Well since it is down the road in Austin, I just have to go! No really I think it is a great opportunity and one of my favorite quilting bloggers will be there.  Elizabeth Hartman of ohfransson fame is teaching a class on Free Motion Quilting on your Home Machine that I would love to attend.

Just like Sewing Summit registration, it was a race of speedy fingers and fast internet connections.  Luckily, I had both, at the same time! I got in!  What a relief.  I had planned to take a whole bunch of classes, but the prices are higher than I expected, so...this is the ONE class I really really want.

As soon as I got my confirmation email I went straight to Twitter to see what the most current buzz was and the class was already sold out.  

I am grateful and excited (ok, super duper excited) to have got in.  Happy Day to you!

August 25, 2012

First One!

You know, folks know you quilt so they think you can sew anything up in a flash right? To some, quilting and sewing is the same thing.  Luckily, when a co-worker asked me to make a birthday present for her son, I could do it.  She wanted a Ninjago pillowcase and she even had a tutorial for me (whew and thanks to Amber at Crazy Little Projects).
So....after placing a fabric order and getting some matching thread - Waaa Laaa! My first commission project completed.
Here is it, ready to give away!

August 23, 2012

Traveling Circles means Shoo Fly

Marian is our host this month and she has asked for Shoo Fly blocks.  I split this up into 2 days.  One night I did all the HST's and trimmed them and the next day I did all the sewing.

I am not a fan of HST's at all, but for some reason, it didn't bother me too much on this one.  Plus, after we had them sewn, the instructions asked us to trim them down.  Not sure if it is because if my lack of perfection or what, but when you trim them, they look so much nicer (at least mine do) then when your fabric is cut perfect with no trimming needed.  It wasn't a lot of extra fabric, but enough to square them up and make sure it all worked out nicely.  We each made 5 blocks, but I had 2 sets of the green tree fabric and it's hard to make 5 things look good in a square, so I am just showing you 4 - you get the idea!

This bee has been a lot of fun.  Although our theme is circles, we have had some great variations.

August 21, 2012

Fall blocks at the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild

At the August meeting of the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, we received a pattern to make a block. The requirements are to use fall leaf fabric and a non-white neutral.  We will bring our blocks to the September meeting and however many blocks you bring equals how many chances you will have to win all of them!

I really like the idea of this.  Make one block or make 12 and hopefully I will get lucky enough to win sometime.  This is the first month we are doing this so I am hoping it will continue on in future months. Make it a great day!

August 18, 2012

Back in the Saddle!

I have a lot to share with you these days! My machine is back and I'm humming away.

First up to share are my Mod Mosaic Blocks for August. Our hostess sent us some fabric (that used to be a garment, the birdcage print) along with some other fabrics and also included some linen for the sashing.

This was the first time I worked with linen, and you know what, I think I like it. It is a bit sturdier, but the texture is what intrigues me too. There might just be some linen in my future.....

Next month I am the hostess and I have no idea what I would like.  I was thinking red, because I really like red, but lately I am drawn to orange/coral too, so who knows - I have a couple weeks though.

Take a look at some of the other blocks I've created for this bee.
January        February       March       May       June       July

August 5, 2012

Check it out!

It's summer and my sewing machine in going in for service.  When I get her back I'll be doing lots of projects, but in the meantime, check out the gals on the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop.  They are sure to make you smile!

July 20, 2012

Challenge Block(s)

Our guild issued a challenge last month.  We all received one fat quarter of this fabric.

And we were tasked with making one 12 1/2 block out of it.  The rules were that we could only use up to 3 coordinating solids to go with it.  Not only did I get one block, but two out of my fat quarter. Last night we presented and the variety was fabulous.

Updated: to add some of the other blocks here.

July 15, 2012

Switch that Thang!

July has brought us a switch in the Mod Mosaic Bee I am participating in.  Shelley has asked for black and white fabrics which read lighter along with a black border. One block needs a lime splash and the other a turquoise splash.  Stunning result! My turn is coming up this fall and I just might consider something along these lines.

And just so you know, the asterisk looking fabric doesn't seem so creamy in person, I'm not sure why it showed up that way in the photos.

July 9, 2012

Modern 99 for July

Happy July!
Here is the Modern 99 block chosen by Lori of LoriHDesigns.
Lovely isn't it!
The best part of this block is that all the fabric came pre-cut so all I had to do was sew it up! This is going to be an exciting block to see in a finished quilt!

July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to you!

This is a mug rug I received from Anna.  Isn't it delightful! 

And this was a swap where we had the same partner so this is what I sent to her, since she indicated she liked stars.

Enjoy your holiday, even if it is on a Wednesday in the middle of the week! Remember, life is what you make it.  Make it a great day.

June 30, 2012

More Hexies

In June, in my Traveling Circles Bee, our hostess wanted very scrappy hexagons, measuring 1.25" for each side. This is what went in the mail to her.  While sewing these, I have learned to use extra thread.  I can't count the number of times the thread came through the eye of the needle on me as I was pulling it through. Great lesson.

If you are curious about the other blocks that have been made for this bee, check them out!
January  April  May  August (made this one early!)

June 28, 2012

Let's Get Acquainted!

Greetings and welcome to any first time visitors who are stopping by to get acquainted! When Beth of Plum and June asked me to join her Let's Get Acquainted blog hop, it took me about a blink of the eye to reply back with a yes! Joining me today on the blog hop is the fabulous Lori from Adventures in Fabric. We hosted the Modern She Made Swap together and had a blast!!  If you are interested in joining us for the next round, check back this fall!

 Join me as I show you how to make this quick and easy placemat here!

And on a more personal note, I have answered some questions so that you can get to know me a little better, since the goal is to "get acquainted!"

Q u e s t i o n s  a n d  A n s w e r s
Q: How long have you been quilting?
A: It's been about 3 years

Q: Do you have any favorite quilting tips?
A: Press, press, press!

Q: Do you have any favorite blogging tips?
A: Try to include a link to a past post in every new post.

Q: What is your favorite fabric?
A: I have so many.  I love Kona Solids, Pezzy Print, Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets, and Metro Living Circles.

Q: What is your favorite craft book?
A: I refer to The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman the most.

Q: What is your favorite children's book?
A: I have always loved Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

Q: What is your favorite quilting tool?
A: My 60mm Olfa rotary cutter. It cuts so smooth and I can't imagine cutting fabric without it.

Q: What is your favorite music to listen to while quilting?
A: That answer really depends on what day you ask me.  I am a fan of Luke Bryan, Nickelback, Jason Aldean, 80's, Hip-Hop, R&B and Talk Radio.  I do have a television in my sewing room and it is quite comfortable with any channel that is playing Law and Order.

Q: What is your favorite TV to watch while hand stitching?
A: I really enjoy The Good Wife, Celebrity Apprentice, 20/20, What Would You Do?, Shark Tank and The Big Bang Theory.

Q: What are your thoughts on binding? Hand or Machine?
A:  I was taught to do hand binding and I enjoy the handiwork and the finished product.  Lately though I have seen some really nice machine bindings and some even use zig zag stitches.  Hand stitching is where I am most comfortable, but I don't frown upon machine binding. As a matter of fact, this placemat is the first time I have done it.

Thank you bunches for reading this rather lengthy post and I appreciate you stopping by.

If you are looking for more inspiration and would like to visit some new blogs, Beth has quite a treat in store for you! Click on over!

Plus earlier this week Svetlana and Beth had some great posts!

If you wouldn't mind, please tell me in the comments what you like about my blog, don't like and any constructive criticisms - after all, you can't change if you don't know!