September 25, 2012

Get Ready, Get Set 100 Day Hustle - GO!

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Kelsey over at Kelsey Sews has a wonderful challenge going on for those for us who need a bit of motivation. And since I have been traveling and not up on my blog reading, I have already lost 2 days and only have 98 - better get on it!

The gist of it this is to to finish 2012 strong with some great finishes. So....having said that, here are all things that I would love to accomplish before the end of the year, in no particular order

  • Bind New Wave Quilt
  • Bind Rainbow Quilt
  • Finish Dresden Top
  • Finish Chopsticks
  • Modern She Made, Round 2
  • Modernista Swap
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - October
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - November
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - December
  • Modern 99 Block - October
  • Modern 99 Block - November
  • Modern 99 Block - December
  • Cut Charm Squares for Sewing Summit Charm Swap
  • Cut 10" Squares for Black/White Swap
  • Prepare Fabric and Pattern for Lounge Pant class
  • Quilt for Christmas for surprise recipient
  • Make at least one project with a zipper
  • Cut out Plus Quilt
  • Boat Block
  • Start (and finish) Big 10 Quilt


  1. Wow, you've quite a list there !! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has a lot of things to do before christmas !!

    Good luck with all this :)

  2. Great list!! Can't wait to see more of that dresden top - those are my favorite!! Thanks for joining in :)

  3. Long list!!! Good luck! :)

  4. Wow -- that's a long list -- good luck! =)


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