September 20, 2012

Coming Soon!

Lounge Pants Class - Here I come!

Isn't it funny how a piece of fabric can excite us? Well this one does it for me!
Typically I am only a quilt maker and a sew a button back on a pair of pants gal, of the classes I got registered for at Sewing Summit is Lounge Pants. I can't wait! It's so exciting!! Now it seems you cut them out, throw some elastic in the waist band, hem them up and zippa de doo da - you're done. idea about any of that, hence my need to get some instruction! Speaking of needing instruction,  I did not get into the Zippers 101 class. Who knew? I figured all these wonderful, accomplished, sewing for years attendees wouldn't want a thing to do with it and I would get into it no problem.  Nope. It's ok, I'll teach myself or tackle the teacher for a mini lesson, no biggie.

But.....back to the Lounge pants - I'm going to use this fabric and I'm so excited!! What helps is that football season started and I love my team, love fall weather (which I miss living in Texas) and love putting up my red "N" flag every Saturday that we play.

If these turn out, I might be making a lot of them for Christmas presents, or just a lot of pairs for Mr. Maxtin and myself.


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  1. I was really excited to see this pop up in my feed--the photo caught my eye right away! Enjoy your lounge pants--and that's not a bad idea! These would be totally cute sleep shorts... might have to get myself some of that fabric! :)


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