September 12, 2012

Another Finish

So co-worker A was going to have a baby and co-worker C and I sew, so we thought we would whip something up for her with coordinating fabric.  Yeah, not so fast.

First off, she had a pattern. You know the kind, Simplicity with printed tissue paper and everything. I'm sure these are valuable and helpful however, this is not the type of pattern I am used to. Since I only quilt, the format of choice is cut [qty here] of [dimensions here]. The paragraph style directions didn't work for me and so I started with it, but then had to chuck it and just go with my gut.

You see, co-worker C and I got coordinating fabric and she made a comforter and baby bumpers (apparently, those are not "acceptable" anymore - but I didn't know that so no flames on this please) and I made a changing blanket.  It was supposed to be a bit smaller, but hey, a little extra room isn't a bad thing.

I finished it (after the baby was born - whoops) but it has now been packaged, labeled and given to Ellie's mom.

Although it is "officially" a changing blanket, it also fits into mini-quilt too!

And the sun was not cooperating with me when I snapped the photo - sorry!


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