September 5, 2012

Card Trick

Hi and happy day to you! I recently purchased the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop and thought I would try out this block, Card Trick, by Katy Jones.

Typically, I do not care for HST (half square triangles) but I really liked the block so I thought, what the hey - I'll try it.

First of all, I think this fabric is hideous! It was in my giveaway pile.  I really have no idea why I bought it, as it isn't my style.  But onto the block.  I thought it turned out pretty bad, but actually now that I am seeing it in the daylight (finished it last night) it isn't so bad.  Cutting and sewing all the triangles isn't so exciting for me, but the finished product is good.  I doubt that I would make a whole quilt of these, but never say never.

My mind is talking to me, because as I write this post and stare at the block, I think this block in solids would be really striking and you know what, I just ordered a boatload of Kona solids.  I had to! They were on sale AND there are new colors I don't have - that can't be......(yeah, I come up with some crazy rationalizations to buy more fabric, but I know I am not alone).


  1. That is a cool block! Oh, and you are definitely not alone in that fabric rationalization!

  2. It's so funny - before I read the bottom part of your post I thought ooohhh all solids would be awesome. Great minds :)


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