August 30, 2012

Austin - I'm in!

If you are a die hard quilter, you know that today was the first day of registration for QuiltCon.
 Well since it is down the road in Austin, I just have to go! No really I think it is a great opportunity and one of my favorite quilting bloggers will be there.  Elizabeth Hartman of ohfransson fame is teaching a class on Free Motion Quilting on your Home Machine that I would love to attend.

Just like Sewing Summit registration, it was a race of speedy fingers and fast internet connections.  Luckily, I had both, at the same time! I got in!  What a relief.  I had planned to take a whole bunch of classes, but the prices are higher than I expected, so...this is the ONE class I really really want.

As soon as I got my confirmation email I went straight to Twitter to see what the most current buzz was and the class was already sold out.  

I am grateful and excited (ok, super duper excited) to have got in.  Happy Day to you!


  1. Yippee!!! I'm so excited :)

  2. That's awesome Julie! I hope you have a great time!

  3. I 'm going. Got into 3 of the workshops & can't wait!

  4. I will be there too! I am wait listed on only one of my classes. I can't wait!


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