August 23, 2012

Traveling Circles means Shoo Fly

Marian is our host this month and she has asked for Shoo Fly blocks.  I split this up into 2 days.  One night I did all the HST's and trimmed them and the next day I did all the sewing.

I am not a fan of HST's at all, but for some reason, it didn't bother me too much on this one.  Plus, after we had them sewn, the instructions asked us to trim them down.  Not sure if it is because if my lack of perfection or what, but when you trim them, they look so much nicer (at least mine do) then when your fabric is cut perfect with no trimming needed.  It wasn't a lot of extra fabric, but enough to square them up and make sure it all worked out nicely.  We each made 5 blocks, but I had 2 sets of the green tree fabric and it's hard to make 5 things look good in a square, so I am just showing you 4 - you get the idea!

This bee has been a lot of fun.  Although our theme is circles, we have had some great variations.

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