November 30, 2012

The Kona bricks have arrived!

Hi! Have you ever experienced a situation where you sign up for something as an impulse and then wonder what the heck you did that for? Well, that happened to me.  It was that 4 letter word K-O-N-A!

Kona cottons are my favorite! I love the colors, the color names and of course the fabric. But you know what, I am not a neutral person (literally and figuratively). I am bright and bold, but...since it was a Kona swap, I joined, in like 5 seconds - sign me up!

I'm not disappointed though.  I got a whole bunch of neutral Kona bricks (5" x 10") to use however I would like.  I have no idea at this point, but it'll come to me. Maybe it will take a year or two, but it will come to me. One idea floating around is a low volume type of project.

If you had these neutrals, what project would you use them in?


  1. Hmm...I usually just use white or grey as my neutral, but this could be really interesting. How about a bit of a bold color with each brick or mostly the neutrals and one or two pops of bright color somewhere? I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Maybe as the background for some of the bright colors you love?

  3. I'm not a very neutral person either but have been embracing it ever since discovering low volume. Have fun with these.

  4. I love Konas too, but I am like you, I like bright colors. Maybe black, white and gray as neutrals but I am not much of a brown... especially the tans and creams. You never know though, maybe a new line will be perfect for just a few pops of these.


I look forward to reading your note - thanks for taking the time to comment!