December 1, 2012

Modern She Made - Round 2

It was a success!

Lori and I host the Modern She Made Swap and this round is just finishing up. There are dozens of talented projects by so many wonderful ladies.  Pop on over and take a peek - lots of talent!

You are to make your partner a project of your choice, but following her guidelines (based on her taste, her colors and a few ideas) but this round it must also include a triangle.

 My partner this round was Tiffany of The Crafty Fox fame. Little did she know, I was stalking her back in October.  You see, she became one of my "I've met her in real life and she's awesome" friends from the blogging universe when I met her at Sewing Summit.  We had a couple meals and classes together so I was noticing her style and her likes and dislikes.

So....this pillow was made just for her, using a mutual friend's pattern. You know Diane right? She's the super talented pattern designer.  I used her Scrap Attack pattern but took out the outside and stitched it right up for Tiffany.

It was my first pillow ever and I would like to make more pillows. I would have never considered a pillow, since I have never made one, but she put that pillows were her #1 choice so it made me venture out and try it.  That is one of the wonderful things about bees and swaps - stepping out of your comfort zone.

And just to keep it real, this is a 14 x 14 pillow cover, but I had bought a 20 x 20 pillow form, which didn't quite work, so....this pillow is stuffed with bath towels and socks - so know with a real pillow form, it will stand up a little bit taller and straighter.


  1. Such a great pillow cover. The colors are so bright and I love the design. Diane creates some pretty amazing designs! Such talented ladies we are surrounded by!

  2. Thank you so much for being a great mama in the MSM swap this round.
    Your cushion is absolutely gorgeous.
    I really enjoyed making something for my lovely partner and what I received from mine is really off the scale gorgeous.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks for organising the swap. I also made my first cushion and now I'm thinking they are far more useful than a mini quilt.

  4. Congrats on such a successful swap, so many great projects and swappers. I really wanted to play along but was a bit overwhelmed with commitments during sign up. Fun for you to have been partnered with Tiffany - she's so talented. Your pillow is great.

  5. What a fun pillow! I'm sure Tiffany loved it. It sounds like it ended up being a great swap.


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