December 21, 2012

100 Day Hustle - Update

So all in all I did most of the list, but not all of it and that's ok with me!

Tonight is my Modern Quilt Guild meeting where we are having a pin cushion swap, elections for next year and all kinds of fun.  If I have any energy left when I get home, then I will sew the binding on my Rainbow quilt (of course I have to sew it together first) so I can whip it up on the car ride home for the holidays.  One of my friends tells me that I am a super fast binder, so I might be able to check one more thing off this list before December 31st.

  • Bind New Wave Quilt done 10/21 see finished quilt here
  • Bind Rainbow Quilt
  • Finish Dresden Top
  • Finish Chopsticks
  • Modern She Made, Round 2 done, view here
  • Modernista Swap done 10/28
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - October done 10/3
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - November  done, forget when
  • Mod Mosaic Blocks - December -deleted, we are off this month - yeah!
  • Modern 99 Block - October  done 10/2
  • Modern 99 Block - November done 10/20
  • Modern 99 Block - December done 12/1, see collage here
  • Cut Charm Squares for Sewing Summit Charm Swap  done 10/10
  • Cut 10" Squares for Black/White Swap  done 9/27
  • Prepare Fabric and Pattern for Lounge Pant class done 9/28
  • Quilt for Christmas for surprise recipient (not this year)
  • Make at least one project with a zipper (still scared, I must attempt this!!)
  • Cut out Plus Quilt (this whole project has changed to HST progress)
  • Boat Block - nope
  • Start (and finish) Big 10 Quilt started 10/20


  1. You're doing awesome!!! The linky starts on 12/28 :)

  2. Wow you got a ton done!! Great job :) oh by the way you bind at breakneck speed!!

  3. So productive! I would be scared to make a list of ALL the things I have to do or finish!!! No worries on the zipper stuff. I started with the Lazy Girl Designs zipper pouch and it was easy and go from there.

  4. You got so much accomplished. Great job!

  5. Congratulations on your completed projects!!!

  6. So much sewing = congratulations... If it makes you feel better I hate sewing in zippers and never find it gets easier. But Don't give up.. start trying.


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