October 29, 2012


The Modernista Homemade swap is modeled after many other swaps where you are assigned a secret partner.  You must make a mosaic and write out some guidelines for your partner regarding your likes, loves and dislikes so that she can make you something fabulous.  My partner who will remain nameless as she has not yet posted that she received her goodie box, will receive this apron and potholder that I made for her.

This is my first apron ever and she requested natural fabrics (linen, brown, tan, green, orange, red) which is absolutely not my bright, loud, saturated usual palate.  Let the challenge begin.  I used Essex Linen in sand for the front, Kona tan for the lining and the Flirty Apron tutorial I used came from Kristen.
It was a lot easier than I thought although the ruffles were scary until I actual did them.  I think I may make more of these....maybe.

My partner Kristya from {cottonaddiction} really spoiled me with not only a Kitchen-Aid mixer cover (which I really really really wanted) but also a potholder and 6 placemats.  She hit it out of the park and I am so appreciative of such a wonderful partner! Many thanks Kristya!!

I'm not sure what the next room in the house will be for the Modernista Swap, but rest assured, I am interested to find out and participate in future rounds.

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  1. What a cute apron! I can't believe that was your first one! I love the treats you received too! Lucky lady!


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