May 17, 2013

Summer Sampler - Popsicle & Lemonade

Have you seen what Jennifer has started this week? A Paper Piecing Summer Sampler (with summer themed) blocks.  How could I resist? (Seriously, I MUST stop signing up for these things - lol).

The reason this time....because it's just so cute!

On Monday, Jennifer created a popsicle pattern. Then on Wednesday, a cup of refreshing lemonade  I don't know what any of the other patterns will be, but I typically do not have novelty prints in my stash so I decided to work with pezzy prints.  I purchased the jelly roll, charm cake and some yardage and have been waiting for "that perfect time".  This is as good as any.  At the end of 3 weeks, she will also introduce a contest of all the Summer Sampler blocks.  Not sure if I will actually make a quilt as samplers are not my thing, but if I get good at zip pouches, maybe I will use the blocks for those.  Who knows! For now though, here are the first two blocks:


The Popsicle



Come Join the Fun!

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  1. Wow! The yellow pez is perfect for lemonade!

  2. I love these Jolie! The pezzy prints are perfect for this series. So glad you are making these!

  3. These look fab and I'm in favour of your pouch idea ... 'sampler quilt', 'sampler quilt' say no more ;)


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