May 31, 2013

And Another Fabric Basket

Funny how social media works isn't it? I had taken a photo of my finished fabric basket for a swap I was in and posted it on Instagram. Then one of my dear friends commented on how much she liked it. I told her if she would tell me what colors she liked I would make her one. Her comment back, "Beggars can't be choosers! I will happily take any color :) It's so cool!"

I sent her a text right away to find out what colors she liked and definitive answer.

So....she gets this rainbow one. It is exciting to send it to her as she has three kids and is always doing things for them and it feels good to do something for her.

The talented Ayumi deserves credit for her well-written tutorial - many thanks to you.

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  1. Your are a crafty fiend these days!

  2. Your are a crafty fiend these days!

  3. This is adorable! I love how bright and happy it is! And how sweet of you to do that for a friend.

  4. Would you m,ind if I used one of your images from here on my blog but linked to this page? Let me know if not and I will remove it! thanks

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