June 1, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day - June

Here are some of my May creations!

My first ever zip pouch (made 2)
Finished my NuBees quilt from oh so long ago
Placemats for my Modern She Made partner (friend)
Octagonal Orb block for Modern Stash Bee
Block for Simply Solids Bee
Started on Summer Sampler Series (those would be the desserts)
and...my fabric basket finish.

Enjoy your day today!

Linking up to Lily's Quilts - Fresh Sewing Day!

Lily's Quilts


  1. Beautiful, colorful makes this month! Love that you made your first pouches!

  2. So bright and colorful! I'd say you had a great month of sewing in May...

  3. Fun projects! I love the placemats!

  4. Amazing! Such gorgeous colour choices. So glad to have found your lovely site!

  5. You've had a wonderful month! I love everything in your mosaic :)

  6. beautiful, colorful, cheerful creations! :)

  7. Thanks very much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment :) Love all your projects here (especially the NuBees quilt) they're very bright and happy!!

  8. My goal for June is to get my 'stuff' shipped from North Carolina to Montana so that I can really get to sewing and feel like I am doing something other than a lot of driving and packing.

  9. There was just enough left on the bolt to do simple pocket panel. I like simple.
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