June 5, 2013

Modern Stash for June

June brings the conclusion of the Modern Stash Bee. We made some excellent blocks in this hive and everyone was fantastic to work with!

Joanne requested this Wonky Block and finally I block I was familiar with as it was a bee block for modern quilt guild a few months ago.

She requested cool colors as it is for a little one that we don't know the gender of yet, so....since my blue/green scraps were running over it worked out perfectly!

I apologize for no natural light in these photos but I was headed to the post office the day after I finished and it was important to me to get them sent off promptly!

Here is a sample of the other blocks made in this bee:
January - Emily

February - Deb

March - Ginny

April - Karen

May - me


  1. Nice work! I still am in love with March's block!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with your octagonal orb blocks. I made a quilt last year with that pattern and love how it turned out. The biggest challenge, and something you might want to look out for, is that not all of the blocks end up the same size. Elizabeth mentioned she had a similar problem when she made hers. I think it was all of the seams and small pieces. All of the angles probably don't help.

  3. These are some really great blocks! and the fabrics look great together too. Your block is just amazing!!!

  4. That was a great BEE, wasn´t it? Lovely blocks you made!


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