February 3, 2013

the QuiltCon Link Up


Are you going to QuiltCon? It is less than 20 days away - woo hoo!!

The Modern Quilt Guild has started a Link Up for attendees to get to know one another better.

You are asked to share a photo and 5 things you don't know about me so....

I love to play tennis
I own 19 pairs of Crocs
I have never colored my hair
As much as I talk smack about living in Texas, I really like it
Tetley, Earl Gray Vanilla is my current favorite tea flavor (and you can only get it in Canada)


  1. Have a blast - wish I was coming!

  2. Hi Jolie, nice to read a bit about you - hope to see you at QuiltCon!


I look forward to reading your note - thanks for taking the time to comment!