May 28, 2012

The Printed Bolt

Does the name Ellen Rushman mean anything to you? Other than recognizing her name as being a part of QuiltCon, it didn't to me, but that has all changed now!

She has embarked on a journey that is near and dear to many of us, the Modern Quilt Guild.  In fact, she did  an entire thesis on it.  Oh yeah! Over 80 pages of an analytical breakout of why we join, why we stay, how we view it, how we view ourselves as members of it and so much more. I like quilts, ok, I love quilts, but I love really digging into why we do the things we do, what draws us to things/groups/products, etc... so this is right up my alley and an added bonus, she is getting her advanced degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, my alma mater - GO HUSKERS!

If you would like to read her thesis, you can download it here. Another interest piece is here.  This second one is called TUCKED IN: American Quilts and the Beds They Cover, 1790-1939, written by Madeleine Roberg.
But it doesn't stop there, these gals have embarked on a fun and exciting journey over at The Printed Bolt, where they are currently in the middle of hosting a Design Challenge called REPEAT.  It's so exciting to see the challenges, as each one is unique.

The first phase was, Tiny Dwellings, followed by the Industrial Revolution. The third phase was Geography of your Life and the current, fourth, phase is Up In the Air.  I would encourage to go visit each of the challenges, the entries, the judges comments and of course the winners!

Please, if you read any part of these, come back and comment - tell me what you think!


  1. I would love to read those pieces, but instead I will wait for your summary! I'm serious, I would love to read your synopsis. The ideas are really fascinating.

  2. There is some seriously cute fabric there! Thanks for linking up.


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