August 30, 2011

Paper Piecing for the First Timer

Man, oh man! I joined a quilting swap to have some fun, have other folks make great blocks, learn some new techniques and step out of my comfort zone. It all started yesterday afternoon when I got the mail. Breathe and Sew (Carrie), from my Fall Bee swap sent us instructions to make a starburst with fabric scraps. Seems easy enough (I thought), I can even knock this out tonight and put it back in the mail tomorrow. Not even happening. Figuring out where to put the fabric, to pin or not, right sides together or wrong sides together (the seam ripper and I got very close with this block) and to know if I should cut the pieces of the pattern, or not. Accck! Today when I got home from work, I tackled this and won. It was a struggle that I am on the other side and the block is completed - Whew! Will I paper piece again in the future? It really is too soon for me to think about an answer. The block turned out quite well, at least I think so.

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