September 24, 2011

Parker County Quilt Show 2011

Happy Saturday. This morning I attended an annual quilt show, hosted by the Quilter's Guild of Parker County, with a theme of "Celebrating Texas".  I learned a few things about myself, my new friend and my quilting style.
First up - my quilting style.  Looking at over 80 quilts (mostly traditional and in lighter intensity colors than I am used to) made me realize that I like color -  bright, vivid, strong, solid color.  I also don't like the feather looking quilting.  Don't get me wrong, it is nice and appropriate on some quilts but to me, it is dated. Next is my friend, Sally.  We have just started a friendship based on our mutual love of quilting and Nebraska.  She is direct (which I love), gracious, honest and independent.  She recently moved to Texas from my home state of Nebraska and we have a delightful time sharing observations of differences we notice between the two places. I look forward to more enjoyable outings with her. Lastly  - myself.  I am a modern quilter.  I don't like a whole lot of little pieces, don't much care for the stars, don't enjoy lots of brown in a quilt, and have a really hard time liking traditional quilts.  I am absolutely amazed at the patience and the hours it must take to make some of these quilts but they aren't my style.  I pulled out my fabric stash when I got home and it's confirmed.  I am a modern quilter!

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