October 22, 2011

Weekend Projects

What are you up to this weekend? I am going to be cutting fabric for not one but TWO charm swaps that I just couldn't say no to this week. One is for for black, white and grey charm squares that I have absolutely no idea what project they will be incorporated into and the other, hexagons! If you tuned in earlier this week to the Spiked Wheel post you will see my first ever attempt at a block with hexagons. Well, attempt number two is coming soon!  This second swap is where we send in yellow and gray squares (6x6) and they will be cut into hexagons and swapped with folks all over the county.  Whatever will I do with them? Well make a quilt of course! 

And just to give you sneak peak, here is just a little glimpse of a simple but modern quilt that I intend to finish the binding on this weekend.  Enjoy your weekend!!

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