December 24, 2011

Almost My Turn

It is almost my turn. I am like a kid in a candy store who just can't wait! January is my month in my Modern 99 Bee.  There are 12 of us gals who are using the book Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers. We are to select a block from this book, send out fabric and instructions to our fellow bee members and "wha-laa" - we get blocks back!

I have learned from experience to always do a test block before sending out.  Earlier this year I had to do an orange peel block and that was hard, frustrating, irritating and just a bad project for me.  I am not sure the hostess had tested it first. Anyway, I digress. So....last weekend I worked on my test block.

Lately I am intrigued by the yellow and gray combinations that I see popping up, but I am not sure that I love them, just am not sure.  So...I like them enough to do one quilt, but with a bit of a pop, and my pop is purple! The purple I am using is Kona Mulberry and it is vivid, most of the reason I selected it.

The block I selected is called "Mondarin" and using all stash fabrics (except for the magenta purple I have on order) I was able to get all the fabrics ready for my 11 bee mates!

Here are some progress shots and my finished block.  I would like to incorporate the purple into the sashing somehow but I have a month or so to think about it.  Perhaps when I have all the blocks I can get a better visual and make a good choice.

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