January 24, 2012

For the Love of Solids - Round 2

I got in! I got in!
Last season I was admiring all of the projects and mosaics of the "For the Love of Solids Group" and this season I got in! Woo hoo!
Here are a couple of mosaics. The first one belongs to Alix and second one to Leona
For the Love of Solids Round 2 Mosaic My Favorites of my Favorites! I love rainbows all colors of a happy rainbow...
These are created to give your partner (super secret partner I might add) a glimpse into your style, what you like, what your eye is drawn to and use it as inspiration on what to make you.  Of course, as the name implies, you must use all solid fabric. My partner likes a clean style with pops of color so I am pondering what to make her and very excited for this challenge!

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