February 14, 2012

Mug Rug for Work

The past couple of weeks, while at work, I have wished that I had a mug rug for my cup or glass. Well, since I am a quilter, I have nobody to blame but myself, so...I stitched this little baby up and am excited to use it tomorrow at my desk! I like the pink, purple and yellow side the best. This is only my second mug rug ever, my first one was for a swap. You know what? I see more of these in my future, and if you are my friend, perhaps in your future too!


  1. Great mug rug, everyone at work is going to want one now.

  2. I love the binding on these! Do you know what fabric that is by chance?

  3. Me and My Sister Favorites Yellow Stripe 22084 25


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