April 25, 2013

Lucky Stars - April

It's ok - you can make fun of it. I even thought about making this like those challenges in the newspaper where you have to figure out all the little changes, only amend it to, can you figure out all the mistakes? I just wasn't on my game when I made this.  The pink sections were actually two different sections in the pattern, but I changed it to one because there were just so many areas.  Perhaps that is  why the pink goes too far into the gray. Sigh.  And I undercut the blue, so I just added a little piece and thought "awh, that will just get absorbed into a seam allowance somewhere". Nope, it's right in the center.  

You just gotta laugh.  In real life, I am organized, perfectionistic and won't accept anything less.  I absolutely must be accurate.  In quilting life, it's good enough.  My friend January and I are exactly the opposite. She is easy going, calm, doesn't get worked up, but if a seam is 1/8" off, out comes the seam ripper....every....single....time!  We laugh about how opposite we are but we are great friends and I knew she would get a kick of this...um.... situation.

It's not going to get redone because once it gets quilted, who's gonna be able to tell? And if you can, so what!

With that, I'm moving on to other April tasks :)  


  1. I love it! Thanks for the heads up about January! Lol. I agree with you about absorbtion in the final quilt. The little things are not noticeable and they do 2 things... 1. a lesson learned for the next quilt and 2. proove its actually handmade and not factory made. If I wanted a perfect quilt I'd go buy a factory created one. :)
    As for the color scheme. I love it! And not sure what you were talking about even after you explained it. :)

  2. Hahaha! That's funny, but awesome. I am the same way--obsessive over school stuff, but pretty lackadaisical when it comes to quilting perfection. It's not even a goal for me, which is weird. Glad I'm not the only one!

    P.S. I thought the extra piece was just a cat hair on my monitor, but then I couldn't brush it off. ;)

  3. This block is really lovely! And I had to look really hard to see any "mistakes"....i think you did a great job anyway!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  4. I can't even find anything wrong with this. The colors are so bright and happy! And that's too funny about January, depending on the project I can get a little OCD as well. Hope all is well!! We should talk soon!


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