April 17, 2013

The Third Pair - in progress

Happy Day to you!

These are not quite finished up, as I still need to add the borders and quilt them, but I have 2 days until the next one comes out.  

The first one is ok and although I prefer it over the second one, it seems boring to me.  Perhaps the red borders will add some pop? Maybe?

And the second one - ick! I really feel that this block design was made for solids and since I am not doing solids it is just too visually stimulating and the eye can't rest, except on the red diamonds.  That is all I see when I look at this block.  More importantly on this one, I think the red borders will tone it down.  It is disappointing to not see the actual block design.  Lesson learned - don't use such loud fabric. After all, this is to build my skills and I am learning, just suffering through some ick to get there.  I was really trying to think this through though. I used white with black and black with white (for contrast).  Sigh...


  1. I don't think its ick! I rather like the second one! I wonder if you had placed the prints together so they were running up and down if you would have liked it better??? I love the fabric!!
    As for the 1st one... I've seen the block pop up here and there and haven't been a big fan of the pattern. I really do love your red.

  2. Hi Julie., i like your fabrics and I think you are right about the second block ( no not the ick part) just that the pattern disappears a bit! Just keep going!


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