September 21, 2013

In the interest of learning

I would love to share with you about a new learning platform, called Daily Craft TV. The classes I am most interested in are the quilting classes, so I tried one out! String Piecing - 7 ways.

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This is a simple technique that can give you so many different results. There were a few that I was aware of, but some that I did not. It's always great to learn of a new way to make blocks.

Now...on to the review!

Going through the checkout process was easy and effortless.  I selected String Piecing because of the chance to learn something new. Although there were some patterns that were new to me, it might be disappointing if you are an advanced beginner or higher quilter.  The format had a couple of teachers and they talked throughout the video as they showcased the various blocks.  It wasn't something I was keen on.  I think I would really prefer to just have one instructor.  The tone, while casual, almost had too much conversation.

Another observation is the pricing.  I am not aware of how the pricing structure is applied, but having watched this one (which was valued at $9.99) and lasted just under an hour, if I had to select again, I would have selected Fresh Quilting Ideas & Design Techniques (which is valued at $4.99) and is just over an hour and a half.  

I would say about half of the selections are either traditional or not of interest to me but there were some other titles of interest including: Yes You Can Piece Curves, Unique Ideas and Innovative Designs for your Quilts, Advanced Quilting Techniques & How to Resize Blocks and Choosing the right quilting fabrics and learn about Hue and Contrast with Mary Fons (because well, I love Mary Fons!)

So my advice to you, if you are interested in the class offerings, is to read through all of them and step outside of your comfort zone! I played it safe and should have selected a different class to really be impressed.

Please see my disclosure policy regarding reviews.

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  1. I had never heard of Daily Craft TV. Thanks for sharing the link and you straight forward opinions. Appreciate it!


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