January 16, 2015

Christmas Swap 2014

There are a handful of us quilty/crafty/sewing gals that participated in a swap for Christmas and I hit the jackpot!

Last year I mentioned that I really wanted a sew-together bag, but was afraid to sew it myself because all those zippers!

Well well well, I got one - and the special touches are so perfectly suited to my style.

The colors are fabulous and the outside is a minimal design with a pop of color, in this case a granny square and a tea wallet too (I LOVE tea). As I opened each zipper another treat was hidden. I was like a kid at Christmas. Some washi tape and a jumbo bag of chewy sprees too - yippee!

Thank you Lyanna - it's perfect and you are awesome. That is all.


  1. Gift envy, here! :-)
    Wow what a beautiful object!

  2. I'm in - I will do a separate Christmas Swap ornaments Wishlist as my normal Wishlist needs serious pruning.


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