February 1, 2015

Fresh Sewing Day | February

January was busy, and we've already moved on to February. The older I get the faster time flies. My biggest finish was a football quilt. I came across a quilt that looked like a football in a magazine a year or so ago, and thought to myself - I can do that.

I don't have any Illustrator programs or electronic quilt programs. I just used Excel, but in this case, it was sufficient.

University of Nebraska is where I went to college so I am very proud of this one as it will make a home with me. I had pondered giving this away for a raffle, but I love it too much.

This quilt will be special to me because I created my own pattern and it turned out. Have you ever written a pattern and then made a quilt? It is a great feeling of accomplishment.

Fresh Sewing Day


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