January 3, 2013

Off to a Great Start!

If you have been following me for any length of time at all, you will know that I love swaps and bees.  2013 is no different!

This year I am in the Modern Stash Quilting Bee hosted by two very dear people to me, Whitney and Deb. I had the pleasure of meeting them both face to face at Sewing Summit last year. They are lovely in person and I am honored to be included in this six month bee of theirs.

Our January hostess, Emily, is going to have a rainbow of blocks and hopes to assemble a quilt that is similar to this one. I had these all sewn up on Dec 29th and am happy to be ahead of the game!

My colors were dark pink and medium green. You know how I feel about green right? The funny thing is....I really enjoy buying green fabric - go figure right? It served me well as there are very few duplicates in the green block thanks to my wonderfully plump green stash.

Now I will await what February brings me!


  1. Julie, they are so great! Thanks!

  2. I'm also in this bee, my first! I'm not in your bee-hive though.. I like your blocks a lot. I wonder how these would look with the star being black? What do you think?

  3. the blocks look so good next to Magnum too. way to set the bar getting them done early. Happy New Year!

  4. Love your blocks. I am finding I just want to do it all!

  5. This block is one of my favorites. Nice fabric choices!

  6. Love these blocks, Julie. The quilt will look fabulous when it's finished. Such a rainbow of color.


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