January 4, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

One down, 12 to go!
I completed my practice block for the Lucky Stars Block of the Month Club recently.

It seems that when I don't think about it, things go much more smoothly.  You see, reading the directions usually makes me overthink it. But...in this case, I messed up.  I glanced at the directions and just threw the fabric together for the first seam.  Working in an assembly line is best for me so I will do all of the 1-2 fabric for all blocks, then all of the 2-3 fabric.  It's a great process until you mess up, and have to rip out on 8 blocks (and by the way the stitch length is set at 1 - gaah!).

And since this seems to be a self reflection post, let me also add that I really like to pre-cut the fabrics before starting.  There does appear to be more waste using this method, but thankfully, there is no frustration because the fabric is too small.  I'm a scrooge and I don't like to waste fabric, but if the alternative is rip out seams two (or three or four) times, then honestly, it's a bargain. There is no number high enough to tell you how many times I have attempted to use an itty bitty scrap only to have it not fold over or not quite reach the corner.

For a practice block, this was perfect.  It reminded me where I need to pay attention and how I need to work these blocks as well as add a can of starch to my grocery list too.

On this block I used Kona Ash, Kona Bright Pink, and Kona Sour Apple.  The yellow polka dot middle is something in my stash.  Although I have not decided on a color scheme for these blocks, I just may follow this one and use solids and polka dots.


  1. Ooh-I like the idea of solids and dots! I still haven't given mine any thought beyond signing up! Maybe I'll get some time to sew next week when everything is back to normal!

  2. Terrific block! I like your idea of solids and dots!

  3. You had me at solids and polka dots!


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