January 8, 2014

Starting the Year off with...

...some bee blocks!

Let's talk about these quilting bees. I was so excited to be done with all my quilting bee obligations after January of this year.  Jump up and down excited, but then....I was in one that I forgot about. The Jane Austen Bee.  Not only do we make blocks, but we read books and discuss too.  Talented quilters we are.

But back to the story. I am grateful to be in this bee because it makes me get in my craft room and get to sewing! I did 5 paper pieced blocks this weekend, along with these two blocks and then a couple other projects too -Woo Hoo - I miss my sewing machine and am glad to be back. When I didn't have any deadlines, I also didn't have any motivation to sew.

These blocks are for a friend of mine, who is making a quilt for her mom.  Awwwh, I love that!!!! You can't get a more personal and heartfelt gift than a quilt....made just for you. It really is an honor to make these for her.

There are really two blocks here, but I put them together to see how neat they will be.

Until the next project - remember, life is what you make it!

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  1. I hear ya on the bee's. I'm ready to take a break from them for a little while. I do love them, but sometimes that monthly obligation can be a lot. Those blocks look awesome!


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