January 13, 2014

Was it too small?

In December, at my Modern Quilt Guild meeting, we had an exchange and the instructions were to make a bag.  This is new territory to me, as my usual "non-quilt" projects consist only of fabric baskets and zip pouches.

A quick look at Pinterest and this cute little "just uses two fat quarters" intro sold me on this Lindie Bag.
Here is the tutorial I used and it really was pretty easy. I will use it again, but perhaps shorten the straps.

It was shocking to see what some of the other guild members made though.  Messenger bags, zip bags, large pouches and a couple of ornate works of art. I wish I had taken some pictures to show you, but trust me, I felt small, kind of like my bag.  The sweet lady who got this at the end of the night happened to be sitting right next to me and I lightly asked her if it was too small to do anything with and she replied "not at all, I'm going to use it in my sewing room".  That made me feel a lot better about it but some of the guild members really went all out.

In exchange, this lovely bag is what went home with me and it's perfect for travelling, because it is long enough to fit my toothbrush - woo hoo! Thanks Jenn!

Note: sorry about the phone picture on my bag, I forgot to capture a good image before I wrapped it all up.


  1. Your bag is just great and you should be proud of it, I love that pop of colour for the lining. That was quite a wide open exchange challenge by your Guild - maybe some min and max parameters next time to level the playing (and receiving) field as there must have been others who also felt as you did?! :D

  2. I love your bag and the pouch that you received. I understand how you feel, I participate in pillow swaps and I feel that I put my heart and soul into anything I make and I'm really proud of it... Then I see what some of the other people create and I feel inadequate.. Is there ever a point that we feel confident in what we do?

  3. Your bag is lovely. I don't think you should feel inadequate at all.


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