September 13, 2015

Secret Sister

My annual pilgrimage to Amish Country in Pennsylvania is going on right now!  We have been assigned secret sisters and my "sister" likes elephants. Since I've already surprised her with not only the basket but the goodies too, I can show you what I made.

I finished this basket back in July and have been adding goodies to it for a while now.

Elephant Fabric Basket
One Hour Basket | Tutorial from Hearts and Bees


  1. boy, what a great secret sis you are. I would love a tote filled with all that!

  2. Overflowing with goodies. Have a blast.

  3. What a lovely basket! I would love to have that. :)

  4. Awesome basket you made that. Please share some tips as well. How to Respawn the Ender Dragon

  5. wow! beautiful basket and I'm also trying to make that. Help.rr.Com


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