June 8, 2016

Color for the Kitchen

embellished tea towels

One of my dear friends asked for embellished dish towels for her birthday and this is what I came up with.  I was fortunate enough (thanks, Amazon!) to find some colored flour sack towels. I find the flour sack towels to be more absorbent than the waffle weave type of material and the colors - that's just a bonus!

These are 3 inches from the edge and folded over, you know, for over the oven handle, isn't that where you put yours?

I am hoping these get used, but if they don't and they are just on display, then that is just fine with me too. If you need a thoughtful gift for someone dear, consider making these.

Happy Birthday Deb!


  1. Oh, these are so nice! Whose kitchen doesn't need a splash or two of color like these towels? It almost makes drying dishes fun! I especially like the patchwork bordered towel. I'll bet Deb loved them!

  2. Wow patch work on towel it's look so wonderful. SBCGlobal.net Email


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