March 2, 2012

Lessons to Live by when you Paper Piece! my Travelling Circles Bee, our hostess requested Circle of Geese - AAACCCCCCKKK!
I have always admired these, so very much, but never wanted to actually do them.  They look so hard, I'll bet they take so much time. Not one to be deterred, I started in right away, stitched them right up until I had the 4 pieces ready to go together....and then my heart sank.  I trimmed them on the line that was supposed to be the seam allowance.  I only did it to three of them, but still......I had to start over.  I had to ask the hostess to send me more background fabric, Uggggh.  So I got the fabric and was ready to go and I finished them right up this past weekend. Alas, another bump in the road.  On a couple of them I had forgot to reduce my stitch length so it was a small challenge getting all the paper off.

Here is my finished product:
and since you are here, let me expand on what I have learned from my second paper piecing project ever.
1) Remember to reduce your stitch length
2) Use your "paper" needle.  Someone told me this does make a difference so when I am doing this method, I have a needle that I colored in green marker at the top that I use.
3) Don't be in a hurry (it'll cost you, I guarantee it!)
4) Don't be cheap with the fabric. I have tried to cut it close and I can't tell you how many times I went to press it down and it just didn't quite fit to the line - ugh.  The seam ripper and I spent too many hours on this. Cut fabric with plenty of edge around it before you sew.
5) Keep doing more!

Although I am still a bit scared of paper piecing, I'm actually starting to like it.  My first attempt came out good and I think this one did too.  Practice makes perfect - I need to keep on practicing!


  1. This block turned out beautifully!!! I haven't tried the circle geese basically out of fear! Maybe I will give it a shot.

  2. Great job! Now you need to teach me!

  3. I really like your block! I hope to start my first paper-piecing block tonight. I have been really scared to start, lol.

  4. Lori - Thanks - you should!
    Sharon - of course I will!
    Jenn - Take your time and you will do just fine!

  5. My big boo-boo making this block was that I sewed the next piece on BEFORE trimming the previous seam..and only noticed the AFTER the block was finished...hmmm.
    Yours looks great, congrats!


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