March 25, 2013

Fall Finish

This finish is a long time coming! September 2011 is when I asked my Fall Bee Mates to create Wonky Square Blocks for me.  At the time, I had not figured out what style I liked so I used the dotted fabric as my color palette choices.  Obviously, this was the beginning of my entrance into modern quilting as I included green (not a color I care for now).  

I was going to do some FMQ on this but when the time came to do it, I just wasn't feeling it, so I used a curvy stitch from my machine to do horizontal lines. 

Something new that I tried with this quilt was machine binding.  Never again! Hand binding is enjoyable to me. Machine binding was a bit more difficult. I had to keep checking the other side to make sure I was catching it and I got stuck from my pins a lot too. It may be that with machine bindings I would need to have a bigger strip.  I prefer 2" bindings currently and that was probably a hindrance.

In any event, it's done and I am oh so happy to move this very old WIP to the completed list!

I am connecting to the Let's Get Acquainted Link Up today - go see what every one else is making too!


  1. Loving the back as well as the front.

  2. Love the log cabin quilt, im in a bit of a log cabin zone this week too, think youve persuaded me to go wonky!

  3. Love the log cabin! And the colors are some of my favorites!!

  4. It looks great - I really like the stitching.

  5. Wow - 2011! It is amazing how over just a few years some major changes can occur in our taste levels, like green not being a favorite color. I haven't been quilting long enough to have regrets on color choices made previous years, but I have been sewing my daughter's clothes long enough to have a few - what was I thinking when I decided to make an all orange dress! But...those are the things in the timeline that remind us of where we have been and where we are headed!


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