March 16, 2013

Modern Stash for March

Ginny is our hostess for March and requested a String X block for the Magnum P.I Hive.  I was so worried to post this block for her as she had asked for fussy cuts and scrappy.  The scrappy was covered, but the fussy cuts.....not so sure.  She posted that she loved it.  Woo hoo!

And a big whoops on me! I was supposed to make TWO blocks, not one so here is the second one!

Have you even seen a block for the first time and loved it? Well that happened to me when I was peeking in to snoop observe what the other hives were up to for March.  This is the block.

Modern Dresden for Jeepgirl300
 photo credit > Kelly Keller

0312 - MO STASH for JeepGirl_bonus block
so this is the bonus block that I made for Christine.

Take a peek at some of the other blocks I have made here, here and here earlier in the year.

This bee is so awesome - I am really enjoying it.


  1. Love that Dresden block. I have been playing with something similar in my head. I have to see if I can get it to translate to fabric.

  2. That Dresden is awesome! Very fun...

  3. It is an awesome bee and I totally snoop around the other hives!

  4. LOVE that modern dresden! Looks like a cool slice of citrus :)

  5. Your blocks are awesome! I'm in Christine's hive and was was that a fun block! I love the colors!

  6. Love the String X block! In fact... I think I just may use it for my Simply Solids block! Its great!


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