March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Here is a little peek of the top I am making for one of my nieces (and thanks to Mr. Maxtin for holding it up on such a windy day).  They stopped by our home last year on the way back from a cross country trip and she didn't know that I made quilts.  When she saw some of them, she asked me to make her one.  I wasn't sure how serious she was or if it was just a child like enthusiasm and I didn't want to 1) spend time making it if she wasn't going to appreciate it and 2) go down that road, as we have 13 nieces and nephews, so....what could I be starting?

As I have a pretty large stash, I told her "Sure, I'll make you one, just go pick out what fabrics you like".  We were in the craft room for about an hour as she was making her love, sort of ok and no-way piles.  In the end, this is what she came up with and she kept telling me "I want squares".  I kept the stacks of fabric for a few months, just as she had left them, in case she was serious.  Turns out, she really was! The next couple of times we had family events, she would ask me if I had made her quilt yet. The pattern I used was from Moda Bake Shop - they have so many wonderful ones!!

I am hoping to have this all done by Easter as that is the next time I will see her.  This time when she asks, I'll be able to say  "Yes I have".  It is super exciting to make a quilt for someone when you know they will love it and this made me realize a few things.

  1. She doesn't like pink and being a girl, I surely would have expected she did and put some in there.  Letting her select her own fabrics makes me know she will love it.
  2. Kids don't forget, they have fantastic memories!
  3. Sometimes using colors outside of your comfort zone allows you see a different kind of beauty.
I'll post some reveal photos after Easter!  Linking up to WIP Wednesday!

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  1. It looks great - makes me want to go to the ocean!

  2. Charming quilt top. Love the colours.

  3. All great points! I love making quilts for other people, because I get soooo excited making it and imagining how much they'll love it. :) Maybe they don't love them as much as I imagine, but oh well, I'll never know. ;)

    Looks like a great little girl quilt!

  4. Great quilt - I'm always amazed when people pick their own fabrics - it's rarely what I would have picked for them :)

  5. I love to make quilts for other people, but it's so scary picking colors and a style for them. What fun it must be for her to be so interested in picking fabrics and having a quilt! I love the bright blues and lime green.


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