March 26, 2013

Just Because

Have you ever ordered fabric for no reason. Well you like it right? That is reason enough but in case you need a few more:
-it has been a while since you ordered so you just wanted to stop in and wave a hello
-they are offering a coupon code (that is dangerous territory)
-they offer pearl bracelets at a fantastic price
-you know they (she) ships fast
-and your old stash fabric is lonely and needs a new stash fabric to lay next to, like a fresh pillow

I was strolling through the aisles websites of my favorite (online) fabric shops and this is what I ended up with.  Funny thing is, when I ordered these, I was just planning to add to my stash. The neutrals, the oval elements blenders and aqua.

BUT....when I got them in the mail, and stared at them, I think they go together really well and I just might make a project with them, all together, and I didn't even mean to do that.  Isn't fabric shopping fun?

Thanks to Caitlin at I Don't Do Dishes...I Sew Instead for such great service and fast shipping!


  1. I ordered fabric "just because" all month. I'm a bit ashamed of the amount I ordered actually !

    But it's so exciting to get new fabric :)

    Annd I agree, they look really good together !

  2. It goes together so well!! When you have been on a (fabric) diet for so long, you need to give yourself a little treat to keep on going or you will end up falling off the wagon :)

  3. I've recently put myself on a fabric budget so unfortunately I have not done that lately. But I have definitely done it before!! I'm trying to learn to tell myself no! :(


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