June 7, 2013

Paper Pieced Skillbuilder

Are you participating in the Pile O Fabric Skillbuilder this year?
How is your progress? I started great, was on time and then.....we hit hexagons.

Now don't get me wrong, I love to hand bind so I would think that doing these little hexi's would be great fun. Yeah. Not so much.  It is really hard to even cut out the fabric.  This is partly because after watching all the videos (at least 4, maybe 5) it seemed like so many steps, seems like it took forever and it wasn't exciting. So now I am behind and I HATE that. But...not enough to do a whole lot about it.

My plan is to work on them throughout the year and I'll have them done by the end.

However, on a happy note, this month is Paper Piecing and I really enjoy this technique.
Here is my Geo Swirl Block. Decisions still need to made on how to quilt this QAYG piece, what do you think? So far in this series I have quilted with red thread in red areas and white in the other.  Should I mix it up? or stick with the program? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I am also linking up with Kristy at Quiet Play for Paper Piecing Friday!

Paper Piecing Party

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  1. I love Geo Swirl. It's so striking itself it probably doesn't need much distraction in the way of quilting.

  2. I am with you on hexies. It's the kind of work I think I'd love, but have never tried it, because there's just so much STUFF to do before you start.

  3. I'd say stick with the program for the quilting. And I hear you on the hexies, I don't ever see myself making any!

  4. Love the Geo Swirl - it looks fantastic! I'm not much good at the actual quilting part so no suggestions I'm afraid but I'm sure whatever you go with will be fabulous!

  5. I love hexies and they are easy to cut out! I'll have to show you. I cut out 120 of them in 45 minutes last Wednesday night! It is interesting though... I love whip stitching hexies... but really dislike hand binding!

  6. the Geo Swirl is awesome! and as much as I like the look of hexies, I absolutely despise hand sewing (including binding), so I feel your pain in feeling like those are hanging over your head. :)

    Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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